Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blessings Received

We are so blessed. How do we say this NOW, in our time of grief? Because our baby was a pure and wonderful gift, no regrets, not a day wasted. Then in his passing, we received word we were awarded a grant toward Chloe's adoption. WOW. We could hardly celebrate but we are so incredibly thankful for this. It is sinking in. The world does go on.

We honor our baby, and his lessons go on in us, so now we are focusing on Chloe and the gift her life is. The fun she will be in our family. She never got to meet our boy, but her life will be better thanks to his. We are more patient. We remember to love, kiss and hold our children each and every day. Our priorities are in the right place. Little things do not upset us.

We headed to the park to play, mom didn't realize I had two different colored shoes on till I was there and I laughed about it. Laughed. A white sandal and a brown sandal. You gotta admit, it's funny. I walked to the park like that. The kids got a kick out it, so I am glad I am absentminded a bit.I haven't forgotten to feed anyone so I am good. Life is good.

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Tamara said...

TAG your it!
Check out my blog for the details.
Sorry to hear about the baby- it is so hard to lose a child.
Happy to hear about the grant! Congrats- and I hope to hear word that you are traveling soon!