Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday girls

It's been nothing but a party around here. Not actually, but we are trying:) Mal turned 17 on Friday the 17th. She wanted pumpkin pie. She got pumpkin pie. Kat's birthday, the BIG #5 was on Saturday and she got Hello Kitty cake. Her Royal Highness Kat, sat and WAITED for us to sing to her, after telling us to "SING". WOW> she is a diva.

Mom's birthday ( not telling the age but the boys said last year I was 39 when I insisted not, so I said "fine, I'll start going backwards then" so I am 38 by their standards. Cool huh? I actually had a terrible day, but that happens. Can't always say " it's my birthday" and it mean anything. Things happen. Maybe next year will be nicer.

Kat cracked me up when she got up and said "I not any bigger" I guess she thought being 5 meant she was going to grow overnight. Gosh that girl always makes life fun. She asked me if it was " tomorrow" when she got up on my birthday and when I said "yes" she said "Happy Birthday" to me. She LOVES birthdays, doesn't have to even be hers:)

Kat called her China grandma, her Po Po, and sang Happy Birthday to herself, she can not understand their Cantonese dialect anymore but for a few words, but they e-mail us and tell us they love to hear her "sound." She giggles and tells them she loves them. That's all that's really important anyway.

I got tagged but have to address that next time, no time today. Sorry.

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