Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Rainy Weekend

Poor Baba and Camden. Off they went yesterday, yeah skipping school already, but for Camden, a BIG birthday treat, Baba traded some of his Nascar collectibles and got tickets for the Nascar night races in Virginia. He took off yesterday, made all the plans and now they sit in Virginia in a motel room as is pours from Hurricane Hanna and Ike is coming next.

It is dreary here and sprinkling, I am catching up on my scrap booking, laundry and tired from the night nurse calling off :(

Kat is missing her Camden, she got up this morning and said "I want my Camden." Yikes, I didn't tell her she wouldn't see him tomorrow (too late when they get in) and she has found a way to make huge messes all on her own quite well.
Amazingly huge messes. She had all the drawers in the living room opened, we have a coffee table with a ton of little drawers on 2 sides and she was digging in them and finding all kinds of stuff. She trashed her room, she has been warned if she goes in the bathroom to wash her hands, brush her teeth or get a drink again, she is in trouble. She LOVES to play in the bathroom, making HUGE water messes.
She also loves to play with Moon Sand, it has been relegated to the backyard since it is supposed to stick together and be mess-free but not for Miss Kat. She can make a mess out of anything. At least she can have a blast doing it:)

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