Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to School they WENT!

Only Miss Kat was blue this morning when she realized for anothr year, she did not get to go to school. Poor thing. Momma was thrilled to see them go, another year started and let the fun(drasiers) begin. Ha HA. It usually takes 2 days, at the MOST for the fundraisers to come home.

Camden was all excited to be going to 2nd grade, although a bit worried it would be harder. This is from the brightest kid in his whole class- 2 years running, but he is also the OLDEST child in the class with his birthday being next week:) He looked so sweet going off to the bus. I am sure he will do just fine.

The baby has 2 teeth poked through the bottom of his gums, YEAH for him- teeth :) He is still very comfortable on his medication. He is trying very hard to talk, cooing and oohhing when kissed and talked to. He follows with his poor eyesight to see us and just lights up with smiles when he first awakens. Such a joy every day to have him.

We should have log in date for our dossier going to China by this week or so. We are hopeful for November/ December travel, not too thrilled with the December idea but we go when we can. I'd like to go in November and be back, then start Chloe in school in Jan after the holiday break. That way she would have some time to adjust. But it's going to happen when it's supposed to. Out of our hands completely now. It does feel good to know it's in China waiting for approval, another step closer to our girl getting home :)

For now Kat is watching Kai Lan and mom is enjoying the quiet. Ohh and the laundry piles are calling me :)

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