Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Log In Date (LID)

Whoo hoo, whoo who, all yeah, we are all that. 5 days gone, already past, the clock is ticking, our countdown is ON. Our paperwork is logged in at China for September 5, 2008. Chloe girl, we are counting the days! Next in this wild ride of adoption is the Letter Seeking Confirmation, or Letter of Acceptance ( LSC/LOA) one in the same, meaning YEAH, we still want her!!! And then the Travel Approval usually comes shortly thereafter.

We are hoping to travel in November, really hoping, for many reasons but will be happy to go on God's time :) It's just so exciting to know we are logged in and each day brings us closer to HER!

Camden had his big Birthday yesterday, #8! Such a cutie, our boy. He was wanting to know what he was getting then when I reminded him he got dad to himself for the WHOLE weekend, went to a race, he was sad thinking he was getting NO gifts. Well, the GOOD thing about having a ton of siblings is BIRTHDAY TIME! Besides the loot he got from the grandma's and friends, he got a Foam dart gun, a Pokemon puzzle, a PlayStation game, bubbles, candy, and a spider man shirt. He is clearly doted on:) The cake was a big hit till his cousin smeared it on his face then he bawled. Oh well, he is only 8:)
He is pictured with Grandma, who also celebrated her birthday Sept 8. We won't tell how old she is, just remember, it's just a number mom:)

We are the proud parents of 2 new boys, no, we are NOT adopting, they are 18 and 19 and Chinese college students:) Here at our local college they do a "friendship family" for foreign students ( of which there are many) to give them an American family to hang out with and even stay when the college is closed for holidays that everyone goes home, but they can't go back to China for. So we have 2 more "boys." I am eager to see what Miss Kitty thinks of them, as she still very fondly recalls her Chinese foster brother and I bet she thinks one of our new guys is him!

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Walker said...

YEAH! Congrats! I know you are relieved!! Come on LOA, TA!!!