Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How many days in September?

Okay, someone in my house is messing with my head. Not that it's very hard to do that. You know the saying- it's not the big things that put you over the edge, it's one little thing.

ANYWAY- I have a perpetual calendar that I flip every night. I had it on the 22nd, thinking, wow, time is going so SLOW this month. I finally realized the calendar I was looking at to flip to the right day and realized it was OCTOBER's month. So the 22nd would be Wednesday, today, but I am in the wrong MONTH??

So really, there is just 6 days left in September!! WOW. BTW- 19 days logged in:) Yup, still counting:) We got a big ol' pack of papers, stuff to sign, notarize, send back, not anything IMPORTANT just silly stuff, like we release the agency of any liability when we travel - that makes us feel safe-not. Never signed one of those for last time! Parting with more $$, then got an e-mail that someone wanted to donate to our adoption, bless them, we have watched that meter sit at 1 contributor for so long- but they said they were trying to donate and the chip in wasn't working. If this happens/ed to anyone else, PLEASE, please let us know. We are getting more excited about travel but also more anxious about the funds, we trust in God leading us to this child, and know He will provide for us to get her somehow.

I think it's harder to trust it will come when you KNOW it has to, we are scrimped to the max, and we HAVE to trust in Him to send the amount we have to have. A real test of faith! We were able to fund Kat's adoption almost 100% on our own, we just can not do that this time. So I trust:)

We got the neatest medical equipment thingy, a Sma+t vest for Mr. T. It is to help keep his lungs clear since he lays flat so much of the time. He is on memory foam and he LOVES his place on the couch, he can get MANY kisses and is NEVER ignored. So we fire up the vest and it shakes him. Pulsates and shakes him. He is SMILING and cooing, Camden asked-"hey is that an automatic butt patter?" which was wayyyy too funny since I have been known to pat for HOURS, this child, and he will fuss the SECOND my hand stops.

But the boy LOVES it. It's really something to see him shaking away and smiling. He gets upset when we TAKE IT OFF!

We visited my Gram tonight and her sister, my great Aunt. It's so hard to see our loved ones we remember as so strong and wonderful when we were little and now they are frail and we know we will not have them forever:) My Grammy is 96 years OLD! She outlived my dad. My Aunt had the baby laying beside her and that sweet woman, who named me- she patted him and called him a girl and did not even realize he had a THING wrong with him. She told me he/ she was a blessing from God:) I sure do believe that, along with her too. I am thankful to be able to visit with them and my Aunt recognized me and said " you're all grown up now" like it was a shock to her :) I think I was always her FAVORITE- but shhh, don't tell any of my sibs:)

I am posting a picture of me- Kat took it as I am always taking pictures of HER, she is so stinkin' cute but also a GOOD photographer too, she did make me "pose" and told me just how to put my arm here and smile- quite the bossy little photographer. But as I usually HATE any pics of myself , I'm calling this one decent. I'm so vain- isn't that a Carly S*mon song?????

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