Monday, September 22, 2008


It's that time of year again, it's starting to get colder. It makes me think always of the children of China, who are cold and hungry. I can't save them all. But to know that our daughter was loved and fed through a kind, kind family that SPONSORED her care is a gift that we can never repay.

Although we try to! We sponsor a child in foster care from our daughter's orphanage, to honor our daughter, her sponsors and her foster family. All because of this care, we have a well adjusted, healthy little girl. Things could have been so very different for her, I shudder to think of it.

There is a SUPER organization of help for our daughter's orphanage. It's called Grace Hope and it is run by a mom with a daughter from QinZhou, just like us! Now of course, we are partial to "our" orphanage, but truthfully, if anyone is out there that can't stand to think of the little ones cold and hungry and you wish to donate to help take one of God's littlest packages and give them the gift of FOOD, FAMILY, LIFE, then PLEASE PLEASE, Click on the link below our kitty cat clock on the right side of the blog. Grace & Hope, go to "waiting for Sponsors" on left side there are the orphanages with children in need. QinZhou is there, the pictures of the boys that NEED YOU are there.

PLEASE CONSIDER becoming a sponsor of a particular child. You get 3 month reports with pictures, we got pictures of our sponsored child holding OUR picture this year, showing she knew we were giving her a better life!!! Wow did it warm our hearts!

We are asking for this help to sponsor the children, mainly there are 2 boys with medical needs that need sponsors desperately. But if they are sponsored and you wish to go to another orphanage link on Grace Hope then GO FOR IT!! You will NOT be sorry. We do not miss the small amount we pay for the amount of good we feel we are doing. How many times can you say that about your money?? It's also tax deductible, you get receipt to claim it. You will NOT regret sponsoring an orphan, it is a wonderful thing to be a part of a child's life!

Almost all of the children that are sponsored NOW, are sponsored by families with children of QinZhou, some sponsor more than one! Most of the families are maxed out as to what we can do. So this plea is for others, with a heart for God's chosen children, the orphans, so that they may SURVIVE.

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