Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chinese Mid Autumn Festival

We have been honored to be invited to a Chinese Mid Autumn Festival at our local college. Our 2 new "boys" Wei and Ming have invited us to come as they are our new Friendship Students. We were blessed to get 2 boys, both first year college students, to be a Friendship Family to them.

What this means is that we give them an American family to hang out with and enjoy time with us, see the differences in our culture to theirs, learn more about their culture, give them a place to stay when the college closes for the holidays that they can not go home for. They are very happy to be a part of our family, if not a bit shocked over the amount of kiddos we have:)

They did not understand "foster child" and what that meant. That was our first explanation. Then we offered to bring something for the festival and that they did not understand. So we are taking cups and green tea:) I think we will really enjoy these guys, they are very much like our grown sons and already calling me "mom."

Kat has been growing emotionally by leaps and bounds this week. She first, allowed me to go through all her outgrown clothes and pack them away for another girl. With a promise to buy her new clothes, she was okay for the first time with this. Normally it would be a chore for when she is sleeping as it upset her so badly to give up even 1 piece of clothing.

Secondly she ate SPAGHETTI and BREAD, I was so shocked. Maybe it was my cooking, as I didn't make the spaghetti and garlic toast, but she ate 2 plates of it, and even licked the plate clean. Normally she wouldn't TOUCH either, we would get a " you know I not eat that" and a the look- meaning- what am I making HER to eat:) Not any attitude here, huh?

She drew a picture of the baby, it was sooo incredibly sweet. She even got his button for his feeding right, although I must say, she counted toes and fingers wrong, he does have the normal amount on each hand and foot, unlike her picture. His head is BIG though, just like her picture, and he got 2 teeth, she obviously exaggerated that to many more:) She is constantly drawing and can make almost all letters if you tell her how to spell a name. She has Chloe, mom, dad, Camden and Kat down pat, any others she needs help to spell.

The baby needs some prayer, he is fighting a cold. He is clearly stronger this time than the first cold he had that landed him in the hospital. Before he would do a fake type cough, giving him NO relief of his congestion. This time he is almost funny, I said he sounds like he is giving birth, but the bugger is trying and able to cough and clear himself, he just makes a lot of noise doing it. We are holding out hope we can keep him out of the hospital at this point. His B-mom is also ill, we hope she is able to heal and get well. We hope they both are able to get better soon.

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