Saturday, September 20, 2008

15 days logged in

Yup, counting every single one:) Have up to Day 60 on the calendar, I do not want to see more than that for our Letter of Acceptance so that's all I wrote. That is November 5. So we will see:)

Mr T. is fighting his cold. Coughing much stronger but wheezing and getting treatments now. He will get a vest to literally "shake" him. It help him cough, keeps his lungs clear. We use it twice a day or more if needed. There was a mess up in the ordering or we would have had it already, it will be here be Tuesday, we hope.

Camden has his first soccer game today. And pictures. Then we go to the Orientation Picnic with our China boys. Yeah, we already met them, but a picnic is fun anyway:) They wish to go to Walmart tomorrow to do some shopping so we will take them there.

The boys translated a letter from Chloe for us, she is very worried about her English not being good. We are NOT worried about this, we feel it will come. Our China boys wish to help her also, so she will be just fine. So I have to send her a letter to tell her NOT to worry about it. She is also "impatient" to meet her family, well, she must take after mom, and I will tell her this also. Impatient is my middle name. I can hardly stand waiting so long to go to her. She asked for "electron" watch, we figure this means digital, so as I had a box ready to send I got one in the mail to her. I had to send knee and elbow pads for her since her knees are black with bruising from her learning to skate. Yikes.

She was "embarrassed" to ask for anything, as she says we have sent her so much, oh, girl, if you only knew. We are thrilled to give her things she wants, we can only show her our love for her by letters, gifts and pictures, so far. This is the hard part of the wait.

I'm off to make my Sweet Potato casserole for the picnic. Yum:)

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