Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Really Bummed

Sometimes I think we share most of the good and not enough of the down part of our lives. Why? Are we embarrassed, that we can't do it ALL?

I do not know but I share. Today has been no fun. We were turned down for a grant we were REALLY hoping to get. Really. We needed it. We can only figure someone else needed it worse and pray for our funds to come another way.

We are STILL waiting on approval from immigration. I am just sitting back and letting that one to God. I can't change when it comes, so I give it to Him. I can't cope with worrying about it anymore.

This blogger won't let me post a picture ( of course it won't) so all you get it my complaints.

We won't give up, this is not even an option but for today, I am discouraged. I am bummed. I am pushing off the dust and getting back up again. Tomorrow is another day.


Andi68 said...

I understand being bummed. You are allowed to wrap yourself up and shut down for a day. Who knows this may renew you in ways you never imagined. Here is a long distance hug from Lancaster county (squeeze!!!). It will be ok. If you need any help researching grants or anything else please let me know.
Your cuz, Andrea

Jill said...

I'm sorry your feeling bummed.......i could write a book about being bummed( well if i am being honest....bummed is not the's more like nutso! LOL) waiting for Macie. Your sweet girl will be in your arms soon. I am praying for you my friend!

Big hugs,
Jill :)