Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictures on the way:)

We have been blessed to have gotten 3 cameras retrieved from Chloe's orphanage, they are to be of her seeing her family for the first time, getting her birthday presents and cake. They will be processed in a few days and we can hopefully wait that long:)

We have had a quiet week of savoring the immigration approval news, only to find out that now we get to fill out 10 more pages of stuff for approval for Chloe's visa once we get to China. Doesn't hold up that dossier, so I am happy about that.

It's been a nice week, even with the scare of a head injury for Kat.

We were outside at dusk and I was on the swing, Baba took the dog for a walk, Camden was trolling around on the scooter, Kat was sitting on the picnic table. Camden decided it would be cool to swing the scooter around and around in the air, and yup, Miss Kitty decides to hop off the table and go to Camden. So as I turn to see what they are up to, hear a "thump" and run the whole "nurse scenario" through my head- keep calm, check for blood, pressure on site, ice, ER, stitches, stay calm, calm children, head bleeds tons, stay calm.....................

NO BLOOD appears. She is crying, holding the head, Camden is looking horrified, I get her inside to the light and can't even FIND where the scooter conked her. Camden said something to the effect " grounded for the next YEAR" and took off running and crying to his room, more upset that the injured party at this point. I COULD NOT find even a LUMP.

So we are guessing what happened:
A miracle, guardian angel.

She has an extremely hard head.

He swung the scooter around and the wheel hit her, not the metal parts.

Mom had to do more damage control with Camden , who was more traumatized than her, reinforcing this was an accident, no one gets punished here for accidents, and that she was fine. He is one pale boy but he went totally white. I felt so bad for him, he adores that girl so much, he would be a mess if something ever happened to her.

Camden is keeping up the birthday count, he has just 17 days to his day, Baba's birthday is in 2 days ( Kat told him we bought him a CHAIR, after we TOLD her not to tell!!) We got Baba a nice bleachers seat for all those kids' activities that we attend, seemingly year round.( field hockey for Mal right now, Camden starts soccer soon) and Grandma's b-day is the day before Camden's. Big birthday time around here.

No school yet, I am soooo jealous of all those folks that have kids hopping on the bus every morning and coming home tired and no pep to bicker as I listen to Donovan screaming like a girl and Camden picking at him. I will say, I love school, no fakeness here, no "I'll miss them so MUCH." They are still mine ( no one else gonna claim 'em) and come home each day, so school is a good thing. Miss Kitty and I have our time when they are gone and they get back soon enough each day, plenty of time to get some brotherly love in there. I get to wait for that joy to occur this year till Sept 2. Shame on the school.

Someone forgot to tell them, BACK TO SCHOOL, means AUGUST. I guess I'll make it. At least the first part of the school year does go quickly so we can look to getting the kids settled in and then hopefully be going to China before long- YEAH!!!!!! Add some more fun to the mix, with our Chloe girl :) Hope she is ready for this crazy bunch.


Walker said...

LOL! I loved this post.. it sounds.. so much like mine!!

Glad she's okay though.. it could have been tragic!

Come on LOA.. Right!

Andi68 said...

No fair, I've had three rounds of emergency visits with Jamie. One mild concussion and two cuts on the forehead that had to be glued.
The latest on July 4th.
Just kidding. I wouldn't wish an ER visit on any parent.
Every time my kids start running like wild animals I remind them that I don't want any trips to the ER today.

Mission To Macie said...

oh my i can't wait to see new pics!