Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pictures and a clean tub?

OHHHH, today the pictures of Chloe came. So sweet and fun. She is playing with her new skates, in a few pictures she is in skates on a bike and look at those nasty bruises on her knees I am SURE are from those skates we sent her. Shame on us.

She looks to be having a blast though:) She has the most beautiful smile, I am thrilled to see it in a few pictures, most she is looking somber, just as her sister did in ALL of her pictures, making us wonder if she would be happy when she got home, but Miss Chloe looks to be a fun loving girl and I think she'll be just fine in this crazy family.

Now about the tub. I have to ask, does ANYONE else have a hubby who does unusual things when HIS mom is coming? His mom came yesterday, not by choice, I forced her to come, as she had been having nose bleeds for days and she was weak, not sleeping, and trying to say she was "fine." Such a MOM. She had been to the ER 3 times, and had to have it cauterized today after bleeding all night. So now it's fixed and she is a ton better.

But the tub issue. Mom is a super MIL, I don't even write this due to her reading our blog (she does) but she really is. She came in and stayed when we went to get Kat and took care of everything. Did a super job. She keeps the kiddos so we can do our annual Black Friday insanity shopping which usually means leaving after Thanksgiving dinner and staying in a hotel in a nearby town for better shopping.

I have NEVER felt like I must clean for her to come, I don't feel I HAVE to clean for anyone to come, I feel if someone comes to visit and look for dirt, they don't need to visit at all. After all we do live here. Now I do have to say I prefer the place to be cleaned up and neat, we make beds every day, I sweep about every other day, etc. But I am NOT a neat freak. Just a healthy balance, I think.

But every time Mom is coming hubby cleans the tub. The tub. Why not the toilet? Why not the coffee table? I am not sure. I have never seem mom peering into our tub to see if it was clean, she never shows or states a dirty tub phobia, so what's the deal? I can not figure it out. And yes, after hubby got off work and mom was already here, he scrubbed the tub. It sparkles.

Happiness today for the pictures, of which we thank Lorie and David, funny enough, the first pictures on OUR camera was pictures of our Chloe on a bike with their girl in front of her :) So neat. Oh, and I have a clean tub :) Thanks Baba.


Mission To Macie said...

oh my goodness Vickie.....she is so beautiful! and looks like a lot of fun!

can't wait to follow your journey!

Jill and Macie

Andi68 said...

She looks so happy because she is getting her forever family soon.

About the tub, I wouldn't question it, just be thankful it gets sparkling clean and you didn't have to do it. LOL

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

It's so great to se that smile on her beautiful face :)