Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No approval yet

Still no word on approval time. Still coping, although saddened that in the whole picture of this a 13 year old girl sits and waits for us to come, as we fight over paperwork and wording issues. Seems really dumb.

I have gotten through almost a whole week without feeling too discouraged until today, that 3 month deadline that we did get an extension on, but never DREAMED we would need one!! It is today- I thought at this stage we would have a month or more having been logged in at China. Huh.

What did we do this week? Family reunion time. Nice to see everyone and no comments on my fluffiness. Maybe due to the 8 kiddos we hauled along, with friends and our kids, they were overwhelmed trying to figure out which ones were "ours" and how to ask:)

Kat had a good time, Camden stayed later with Uncle Mark along with Donovan and apparently thought it would be "funny" to de-pant Donovan at the swim area. So, needless to say, he is GROUNDED> big time.

Camden decided last night to liven things up a bit, not that we were bored or anything, he started barfing after supper and continued till midnight, moaning like he was dying. He is soooo incredibly MALE when he is sick. When he threw up in a bowl at my bedside ( yeah, I got to sleep with the sick one) Kat peeked out her door and said "Camden barf?" She was all worried about him.

She asked if he was all better today and could she get him a Sprite. She wanted him to feel better. She said " I love my brudder, he a good brudder."

Too sweet.

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Lori and Pete said...

BUMMER! Kat is so cute. What a sweet sister!