Friday, August 1, 2008

Making the time limit?

Another shade of blue if that gives you any indication. NO, we are not approved by immigration yet. Are we upset, frustrated, tired, mad, sad, beaten down- YES. Will we give up- NO! No! No! We're not quitters. What does this mean?

Since Chloe is from the shared list we had 3 months to get our dossier to China from the time of our Pre- Approval ( PA). Our PA was May 12. So Aug. 12th is 3 months. We busted butt to get everything else for our dossier ready and here we sit.

It means our agency has had to ask for more time to get our dossier to China. China has given us more time, since we are the first, yeah, the first family trying like mad to get approval with the new Hague rules through immigration with our agency. So as the wording of things must be exact, our file has passed from one officer in immigration to another and the new officer has found 7, yes SEVEN things that must be added to the HS for it to pass. All things she assures me is the agency's to do, so we will be hounding them to get these DONE so we can get approved.
We also have to be thankful that this does not mean we will not be approved, it just means minor wording revisions to get approved. So it could be worse!

It just feels like we are NEVER going to get this step done. I KNOW I sounded like a wounded pup while the officer tried to reassure me that we can still make the deadline and this is NOT a big deal, nor anything I need to fix. Sorry- the pounding headache I now have did not respond to that and go away.

The officer asked if we were matched with a child- I said YES, a 13 year old, who needs to come home!

To try to take away some of the sad news I will share with you the room we got done, we needed a bedding set and got one from someone moving, almost brand new, mattress and box springs so Chloe and Kat's room is now officially done. Ready. No idea when we get to travel until this immigration thing is cleared up, but her room awaits.
Isn't it dear? We took some more pics to send to Chloe, so she can see more of what her house looks like. And had I known what fun and enjoyment the kids would get from a new bed set, I'd have gottenKat out of her toddler bed long ago. Camden and her just lay on the bed talking and playing their DS's and it's amazingly entertaining to them. Weird kids.

PLEASE pray we get this approval with the NEXT addendum to our Home Study, round three here we come. We do know others that are also on round three so we aren't any worse off than other families. We may need to start a club or something. The Trying To Get Approved Club. That's not even funny.


Lori and Pete said...

How aggrevated you must be! There isn't much time left and Chloe needs to come home to her family.

So sorry to hear how this is going. The girls room looks great.

Lori W

Walker said...

Praying for you.
The room looks Great!!