Monday, August 25, 2008

Baba's Birthday

Baba is a year older now:) As of yesterday. He got his stadium seat and even said "oh is this what she was talking about?" Meaning the blabber mouth Miss Kat. She sang to him over and over, couldn't let him forget it was his birthday.

We went to dinner courtesy of our oldest son, for Baba's day. We had a nice time but they forgot to bring out the cake so we were cakeless. Of course, there were 2 others there having parties and Kat kept yelling " that YOUR cake Baba?" oops, no.

Saturday we enjoyed a picnic, we went to the Lake and had a cookout, the kids swam, had a candy toss, feed the HUGE carp fish at the boat docks, even Mr. T got a kick out of the fish. He was enjoying the day, awake, lying on the table on his pad and I caught him giving me the most beautiful smile on film. He will be 8 months old tomorrow and going strong. Ha Ha to the doctor's that said 6 months tops. We laugh at you and invite you to take your predictions and stick them. Gosh we love this boy. He is so precious. We are so happy to have whatever time we have of him, he has changed us all for the better. He is such a fighter, so amazing to me, how he fought to be here from day 1.

I am still patiently waiting for the pictures of Chloe, okay, not so patiently. I WANT them!!! But even more I want to be heading off to China. I have sent our girl- pictures, 4 small albums now, a fluffy pillow, candy, hair things, bracelets, necklace, shirt, skates, little tablets, pens, etc. I am running out of ideas of things to send. This means it is time to go get her. RIGHT?

Baba said Miss Kat looked like a Amish Chinese girl, too weird for me considering we gave her a Polish last name, but I'll post the pics of her looking adorable in her "amish frock" That's all the cuteness you get today. Guess it will have to be enough:)

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