Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who's that trying to fill my shoes?

It's Mr. Jerry, my sweetie nephew who arrived from Japan. Doesn't he think he is a big guy:)

Yep, my brother is here and receiving daily kisses and hugs from the China girl:) She LOVES her Uncle Roy. Aunt Junko is getting them too, even Jerry, that adorable baby is being smothered in Kitty kisses.

It was singing time yesterday, that's right, Donobin's birthday. He is 14 now and thinking he knows it all. What fun he is. We enjoyed a nice family party for him.

Then out they all went to beat Uncle Roy's butt at some football, don't tell the neighbors who destroyed that flower bed over there....shhh. While they were busy doing that we had the baby out and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

We took the little guy to the pool on Sunday afternoon, between the dark clouds, occasional rain, there weren't many people to gawk at our poor little man. So we enjoyed our time out with him with minimal fuss. It is amazing how rude some people can be to an innocent baby, and I am talking about adults, not children. It can be trying to take him out. But we like for him to go and do as much as we can with him without making him uncomfortable.

We laid him on a table while waiting out some rain at one point and he has started to say "ohhhh" when he is happy and he was "ohhhing" away. It makes the kids laugh and then he does it even more.
Each year when my brother comes we take a picture in the same area of our yard, it's fun to look back on them and see how they have gone from one little guy to him getting bigger, now 2 little guys. Such a wonderful family. I am truly blessed to have such a great big bro and neat sis in law, and these 2 precious nephews.
So far we have hit the local pizza place, Chinese buffet and I made a roast beef home cooked meal for them. This is not helping my fluffiness, maybe I should tell skinny bro to come WALK me at 7 am to help me work off some of this lavish eating:)Hummm, wonder if he could survive me that early in the morning?

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Walker said...

Beautiful family!!!
Have fun!