Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Weekend

No big plans for us today, dad took the "boys" and went to the Railroader's Museum for some type of celebration- can you tell mom isn't into trains? Kat and I stayed behind, for some alone time. Just us and the babe. I crimped her hair since I have not done that in a long time. We ate cookies for breakfast- oops, I am supposed to be dieting. Ha ha!

We got a letter from our Po Po and they were unaffected by the terrible earthquake there in China, but are devastated for the families that had such great loss. We sent our prayers.

Donovan's 14th birthday is Monday, he thinks he should get a huge celebration, we do a family party, Uncle Roy will be here so maybe that will be big enough for him? To think I met Dad for the first time at a birthday party for a friend when I was 14. WOW. True love. And look what that love has grown to, we have been blessed, that's for sure.

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