Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Roy is gone

We are blue, Uncle Roy and family are gone. 2 weeks went by really fast it seems. The picture here is my bro and my 95 year old Grammy. BTW, Kitty thought it would be funny to undress Grammy in the middle of our family dinner. She also put a paper napkin on her head. All my cousins were amazed and saying " she would never let us do that", yet there was that girl of ours, unbuttoning Grammy's clothes and laughing away. Oh my.

Camden hugged Dustin so hard, he picked him up off the ground! And that Jerry, he was hugging everyone and patting their backs when we said goodbye in the airport this morning. Too sweet. So hard to watch them go. I got an e-mail saying they are safely home already.

Miss Kitty was upset that I said I was taking them to the plane. She thought this meant, trip to CHINA and she was missing out, but I explained to her "no, it's not Chloe time, they are going back to Japan." She still wasn't too happy I was leaving but she got over it once she saw I stopped at the store on the way home and brought her corn dogs :) I was amazed how quickly I got through the store and how cheaply, I should shop sans children more often- Ha Ha!

As for Chloe, I spoke with immigration this week and they are aware of our time limit and were reviewing our file that day. We hope to see the approval in our mail this week. Praying we see it!

Mr. T is doing so wonderful, I haven't posted much of him lately but let me tell you he is the dearest little guy. He really likes Camden, I think Kat moves too quickly for him to focus, but Camden can get him cooing and oohing like crazy. He puts his lips in an "O" and really tries so hard to "talk" to Camden. It's the sweetest thing. His poor forehead and cheek are chapped, from all the kisses:) But I refuse to tell anyone to cut back on the kisses. He is so loved.

Not too much time till school will be back in, almost time for shopping for school clothes. Not my favorite thing to do. But then it is shopping :) so it can't be all that bad.

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