Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My brother is coming, my brother is coming!

My big brother is coming this week, all the way from Japan. I LOVE my big brother. I did not LIKE my big brother growing up as he was a big pain in my neck. But now that we are supposedly adults - Ha ha! We are the best of friends.

He is coming with his family all the way from Japan, I went to see them back in 2004 ( has it really been 4 years now???) and fell in LOVE with the Asian culture which is partly why we looked to China for our girls:)

I can't wait, I can't wait. I'm sooo excited, can't ya tell???? We have lots planned, dinners, reunion, yipeee. The reunion should be quite interesting, it shows our hick side when one year there were more dogs at the reunion ( real dogs not ugly girls here folks) than children, so now each year we have an ongoing fight about the Aunt who cannot leave her pooch at home and the kids who just want to come and have fun and not be scared by Fido. OHHH, I can hardly wait.
Baba took the kids to an Indian Cave over the holiday weekend for something to do as it was so rainy. They had a good time. Kat did not like the COLD, but she enjoyed the sights.

Today when I was thinking the immigration approval for Chloe had to coming soon, here came the dreaded YELLOW paper. I HATE those yellow papers from immigration. Just the color tells me "they need more information" and I want to cry. So after we cleared up what they could POSSIBLY need this time, our agency is overnighting the stuff to them. Please, please pray this gets through. I feel like we are sitting still, going no where, everything is ready to go to China, we just need that approval paper. I am not a patient person, but I am sooo trying:)

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Walker said...

Oh how FUN!! You've Gotta post some pics!! 4 yrs.. now that's a LONG time! He needs to blog.. so yall can stay in touch! ;0)

Praying all is A-OK with those papers!