Friday, July 18, 2008

It's a Mommy WAGON!

Yes, I did it. I finally, finally gave up my dream car with it's 5 passenger seating for the dreaded Mommy wagon. We have been saying for some time now, the car has to go, what were we thinking, we have too many kiddos, we NEED a van. But this was my dream car. So as I get over being 40 and not NEEDING a dream car, I traded that cute little ride in for a van- aka a Mommy Wagon.

For a Mommy wagon, it is really nice I must admit. A 2005 Ford Freestar, owned by me and the bank:) But our payment is less per month, and no payment in July so that is a gift for the Chloe fund:) YEAH! The kids are THRILLED, it is fully loaded with DVD player, remote headsets, power doors, leather seats, all the frills. And the previous owners could not have had children as there is not ONE mark on those seats anywhere, even in the back.

We took the Mommy wagon, loaded up all those car seats, 4 total (wow) and off we went to Chuckie Cheese, the dreaded place for fun with the cousins. Mom FORGOT the camera, yeah, hard to believe, I know :) Kat took care of that issue for me though, we have a TON of "portraits" from Chuckie as obviously our daughter has no self esteem issues.

In fact, that last portrait has me wondering if home schooling is the way to go with her. Honestly, she is such a DIVA. WOW. I had to talk the boys into getting their picture done, I had to tell her to STOP getting her picture done.

After 3 hours of this amazing fun, Aunt Junko and I were done. Mommy duty over. Junko said, as we left with our whining and totally wore out kids, she was glad no Chuckie Cheese in Japan. I totally understood :)

Where, oh, where were our hubbys, you ask? Off to Hershey to see Rush in concert, yeah, alone, kid free, and like teenagers again, out till 2 am. Hope they had a good time. I do need to ask my bro though about the time he went to see "Rush" in Japan, apparently a newspaper typo and he actually saw "Lush"- too funny, gotta know more about that:) I love sharing time with my sis-in-law, I get all the good dirt on bro. Hope the guys aren't too tired today after their late night of rocking and rolling......

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Donna said...

I love your Mommy Wagon! You will too!