Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!

As we watched the fireworks in our little town last night, I felt saddened to know that the fireworks put off in China are in honor of the birth of a BOY. Ahhh and yet our girls are so amazing and precious.

Miss Kat enjoyed the fireworks from Baba's shoulders. Mr. T liked the bright lights, he even said "euwww" once so I know he saw some of them. He jumped at a few of the booms, but did not cry once.

Donovan was inside bidding on some silly thing he wants for his birthday coming up, some fire alarm thingy. He is into fire alarms, exit signs, wiring them up and would LOVE to make our home like a business with every exit way lighted and alarmed. Too bad I have limited him to his room:( He is great for our twice yearly fire drills, I give him that.

Malaree finally brought us FREE ice cream from her new job, but PLEASE don't tell as she was SURE she would be fired, even though they are allowed to do this for their families. Maybe she thinks they won't believe all these people ARE her family? Oh well.

I got Donovan and Baba to go around town and get some pictures for Miss Chloe. To make an album to send. They did a good job and I ordered the prints. I think she will be happy to see some of our town. I called immigration, to see where we were and they had all they needed and was reviewing our file for approval. So we are hoping to have that paper in the mail next week. Please Lord, let it come. I find I am soooo much more anxious to get that paperwork to China, I guess it's that deadline that has me all paranoid.
We honor our military personnel that keep our right to be free, this day and always in America, the land of opportunity, of the free, it has it's quirks and problems, but never forget that we have something many do not- FREEDOM.

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Lori and Pete said...

We had fireworks last night too! We also live in a small town.

Happy 4th!