Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy B-Day Chloe!

As you were sung Happy Birthday in Chinese and cut the cake, you knew your wish had come true, it is a family for you. Miss Chloe, we called you and to hear your sweet voice telling us you loved us, and to be able to tell you "Wo Ai Ni" We LOVE YOU! What a blessing.

We called and sang "Happy Birthday" to our girl, on her 13th birthday and her last without US! As sad as we were to miss this day with her, we were overjoyed to give her the gift she asked for, her skates. Apparently she is thrilled with them and has them on her feet as much as possible :)

Camden and Kat told her they loved her and sang, they were so excited it was hard to hear, but we could not blame them, it was CHLOE they were talking to! The excitement building up to the scheduled time to call was almost unbearable for them. Chloe, we were going to HEAR her! She sounded so incredibly sweet and shy.

So as you soon head to bed for the night, have good sleep Chloe girl, and know that on this special day that you became a teen, you are loved and a part of this family, from across the world, but under the same sky. Sweet dreams to our beautiful daughter :)


Lori and Pete said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwe.........you just made me cry!

Happy Birthday Chloe.

Lori W

Jill said...

oh my goodness!! i can't believe you got to talk to her!!! AWESOME!!

thanks for the e-mail........those pics are so great.

chloe is a beauty!

I can't wait til you travel!!!!

Jill and Macie :)

Tamara said...

What a gift to be able to talk to her on her birthday. It will make the day so special to her. It is wonderful that she knows she has a family that is excited to have her come home. Hope the rest of your wait is speedy!

Walker said...

AWESOME!! How special that you were able to do this!!