Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Roy is gone

We are blue, Uncle Roy and family are gone. 2 weeks went by really fast it seems. The picture here is my bro and my 95 year old Grammy. BTW, Kitty thought it would be funny to undress Grammy in the middle of our family dinner. She also put a paper napkin on her head. All my cousins were amazed and saying " she would never let us do that", yet there was that girl of ours, unbuttoning Grammy's clothes and laughing away. Oh my.

Camden hugged Dustin so hard, he picked him up off the ground! And that Jerry, he was hugging everyone and patting their backs when we said goodbye in the airport this morning. Too sweet. So hard to watch them go. I got an e-mail saying they are safely home already.

Miss Kitty was upset that I said I was taking them to the plane. She thought this meant, trip to CHINA and she was missing out, but I explained to her "no, it's not Chloe time, they are going back to Japan." She still wasn't too happy I was leaving but she got over it once she saw I stopped at the store on the way home and brought her corn dogs :) I was amazed how quickly I got through the store and how cheaply, I should shop sans children more often- Ha Ha!

As for Chloe, I spoke with immigration this week and they are aware of our time limit and were reviewing our file that day. We hope to see the approval in our mail this week. Praying we see it!

Mr. T is doing so wonderful, I haven't posted much of him lately but let me tell you he is the dearest little guy. He really likes Camden, I think Kat moves too quickly for him to focus, but Camden can get him cooing and oohing like crazy. He puts his lips in an "O" and really tries so hard to "talk" to Camden. It's the sweetest thing. His poor forehead and cheek are chapped, from all the kisses:) But I refuse to tell anyone to cut back on the kisses. He is so loved.

Not too much time till school will be back in, almost time for shopping for school clothes. Not my favorite thing to do. But then it is shopping :) so it can't be all that bad.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy B-Day Chloe!

As you were sung Happy Birthday in Chinese and cut the cake, you knew your wish had come true, it is a family for you. Miss Chloe, we called you and to hear your sweet voice telling us you loved us, and to be able to tell you "Wo Ai Ni" We LOVE YOU! What a blessing.

We called and sang "Happy Birthday" to our girl, on her 13th birthday and her last without US! As sad as we were to miss this day with her, we were overjoyed to give her the gift she asked for, her skates. Apparently she is thrilled with them and has them on her feet as much as possible :)

Camden and Kat told her they loved her and sang, they were so excited it was hard to hear, but we could not blame them, it was CHLOE they were talking to! The excitement building up to the scheduled time to call was almost unbearable for them. Chloe, we were going to HEAR her! She sounded so incredibly sweet and shy.

So as you soon head to bed for the night, have good sleep Chloe girl, and know that on this special day that you became a teen, you are loved and a part of this family, from across the world, but under the same sky. Sweet dreams to our beautiful daughter :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's a Mommy WAGON!

Yes, I did it. I finally, finally gave up my dream car with it's 5 passenger seating for the dreaded Mommy wagon. We have been saying for some time now, the car has to go, what were we thinking, we have too many kiddos, we NEED a van. But this was my dream car. So as I get over being 40 and not NEEDING a dream car, I traded that cute little ride in for a van- aka a Mommy Wagon.

For a Mommy wagon, it is really nice I must admit. A 2005 Ford Freestar, owned by me and the bank:) But our payment is less per month, and no payment in July so that is a gift for the Chloe fund:) YEAH! The kids are THRILLED, it is fully loaded with DVD player, remote headsets, power doors, leather seats, all the frills. And the previous owners could not have had children as there is not ONE mark on those seats anywhere, even in the back.

We took the Mommy wagon, loaded up all those car seats, 4 total (wow) and off we went to Chuckie Cheese, the dreaded place for fun with the cousins. Mom FORGOT the camera, yeah, hard to believe, I know :) Kat took care of that issue for me though, we have a TON of "portraits" from Chuckie as obviously our daughter has no self esteem issues.

In fact, that last portrait has me wondering if home schooling is the way to go with her. Honestly, she is such a DIVA. WOW. I had to talk the boys into getting their picture done, I had to tell her to STOP getting her picture done.

After 3 hours of this amazing fun, Aunt Junko and I were done. Mommy duty over. Junko said, as we left with our whining and totally wore out kids, she was glad no Chuckie Cheese in Japan. I totally understood :)

Where, oh, where were our hubbys, you ask? Off to Hershey to see Rush in concert, yeah, alone, kid free, and like teenagers again, out till 2 am. Hope they had a good time. I do need to ask my bro though about the time he went to see "Rush" in Japan, apparently a newspaper typo and he actually saw "Lush"- too funny, gotta know more about that:) I love sharing time with my sis-in-law, I get all the good dirt on bro. Hope the guys aren't too tired today after their late night of rocking and rolling......

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who's that trying to fill my shoes?

It's Mr. Jerry, my sweetie nephew who arrived from Japan. Doesn't he think he is a big guy:)

Yep, my brother is here and receiving daily kisses and hugs from the China girl:) She LOVES her Uncle Roy. Aunt Junko is getting them too, even Jerry, that adorable baby is being smothered in Kitty kisses.

It was singing time yesterday, that's right, Donobin's birthday. He is 14 now and thinking he knows it all. What fun he is. We enjoyed a nice family party for him.

Then out they all went to beat Uncle Roy's butt at some football, don't tell the neighbors who destroyed that flower bed over there....shhh. While they were busy doing that we had the baby out and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

We took the little guy to the pool on Sunday afternoon, between the dark clouds, occasional rain, there weren't many people to gawk at our poor little man. So we enjoyed our time out with him with minimal fuss. It is amazing how rude some people can be to an innocent baby, and I am talking about adults, not children. It can be trying to take him out. But we like for him to go and do as much as we can with him without making him uncomfortable.

We laid him on a table while waiting out some rain at one point and he has started to say "ohhhh" when he is happy and he was "ohhhing" away. It makes the kids laugh and then he does it even more.
Each year when my brother comes we take a picture in the same area of our yard, it's fun to look back on them and see how they have gone from one little guy to him getting bigger, now 2 little guys. Such a wonderful family. I am truly blessed to have such a great big bro and neat sis in law, and these 2 precious nephews.
So far we have hit the local pizza place, Chinese buffet and I made a roast beef home cooked meal for them. This is not helping my fluffiness, maybe I should tell skinny bro to come WALK me at 7 am to help me work off some of this lavish eating:)Hummm, wonder if he could survive me that early in the morning?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Weekend

No big plans for us today, dad took the "boys" and went to the Railroader's Museum for some type of celebration- can you tell mom isn't into trains? Kat and I stayed behind, for some alone time. Just us and the babe. I crimped her hair since I have not done that in a long time. We ate cookies for breakfast- oops, I am supposed to be dieting. Ha ha!

We got a letter from our Po Po and they were unaffected by the terrible earthquake there in China, but are devastated for the families that had such great loss. We sent our prayers.

Donovan's 14th birthday is Monday, he thinks he should get a huge celebration, we do a family party, Uncle Roy will be here so maybe that will be big enough for him? To think I met Dad for the first time at a birthday party for a friend when I was 14. WOW. True love. And look what that love has grown to, we have been blessed, that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My brother is coming, my brother is coming!

My big brother is coming this week, all the way from Japan. I LOVE my big brother. I did not LIKE my big brother growing up as he was a big pain in my neck. But now that we are supposedly adults - Ha ha! We are the best of friends.

He is coming with his family all the way from Japan, I went to see them back in 2004 ( has it really been 4 years now???) and fell in LOVE with the Asian culture which is partly why we looked to China for our girls:)

I can't wait, I can't wait. I'm sooo excited, can't ya tell???? We have lots planned, dinners, reunion, yipeee. The reunion should be quite interesting, it shows our hick side when one year there were more dogs at the reunion ( real dogs not ugly girls here folks) than children, so now each year we have an ongoing fight about the Aunt who cannot leave her pooch at home and the kids who just want to come and have fun and not be scared by Fido. OHHH, I can hardly wait.
Baba took the kids to an Indian Cave over the holiday weekend for something to do as it was so rainy. They had a good time. Kat did not like the COLD, but she enjoyed the sights.

Today when I was thinking the immigration approval for Chloe had to coming soon, here came the dreaded YELLOW paper. I HATE those yellow papers from immigration. Just the color tells me "they need more information" and I want to cry. So after we cleared up what they could POSSIBLY need this time, our agency is overnighting the stuff to them. Please, please pray this gets through. I feel like we are sitting still, going no where, everything is ready to go to China, we just need that approval paper. I am not a patient person, but I am sooo trying:)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!

As we watched the fireworks in our little town last night, I felt saddened to know that the fireworks put off in China are in honor of the birth of a BOY. Ahhh and yet our girls are so amazing and precious.

Miss Kat enjoyed the fireworks from Baba's shoulders. Mr. T liked the bright lights, he even said "euwww" once so I know he saw some of them. He jumped at a few of the booms, but did not cry once.

Donovan was inside bidding on some silly thing he wants for his birthday coming up, some fire alarm thingy. He is into fire alarms, exit signs, wiring them up and would LOVE to make our home like a business with every exit way lighted and alarmed. Too bad I have limited him to his room:( He is great for our twice yearly fire drills, I give him that.

Malaree finally brought us FREE ice cream from her new job, but PLEASE don't tell as she was SURE she would be fired, even though they are allowed to do this for their families. Maybe she thinks they won't believe all these people ARE her family? Oh well.

I got Donovan and Baba to go around town and get some pictures for Miss Chloe. To make an album to send. They did a good job and I ordered the prints. I think she will be happy to see some of our town. I called immigration, to see where we were and they had all they needed and was reviewing our file for approval. So we are hoping to have that paper in the mail next week. Please Lord, let it come. I find I am soooo much more anxious to get that paperwork to China, I guess it's that deadline that has me all paranoid.
We honor our military personnel that keep our right to be free, this day and always in America, the land of opportunity, of the free, it has it's quirks and problems, but never forget that we have something many do not- FREEDOM.