Monday, June 30, 2008

Watermelon for breakfast

Today is Derrik's 23rd birthday. Our oldest son. I must say here, I had him YOUNG, very young. Since I do not feel old enough to have a 23 year old son. I won't even make you guess, I am 40 :) Happy Birthday Derrik, you were born at 4:23 am. and yes, I remember since I thought I was dying. Your head was like a bowling ball, and I need not say more.

We started out the day with watermelon for breakfast. Yup, just happy the girl was gonna eat. We have gotten her from almost 24 lbs in Oct 2006 to almost 30 lbs. Still as skinny as can be. Doesn't eat many things, no dairy, little breads, little spagetti/pizza sauces. Needless to say, we have not reformed her to our eating but been reformed to her:) One of the issues with an older child can be eating so we are really ready for Miss Chloe and any issues she may have. Going to China restaurant to buy lunch to pack for next day at school? Will do. Not a big deal.

We are just happy they eat. I do try to get Kat to try new things and I am not likely to make different meals for anyone, but if she doesn't eat well soup is always a back up option and Kat eats it often.

Kat's pictures are from morning time, my favorite time of the day. We ease into our day, staying in jammies as long as we like. Those sleepy eyes, the cuddle time, kisses, wow is she full of kisses in the mornings. I look at our daughter and feel so blessed, we think that she gets prettier every day, move over Angelina Jolie, look at those gorgeous lips on our girl. I am so jealous. She loves to kiss on the baby and he is almost always alert and so sweet batting his eyes at her as he know when she is coming for the hair in his face:)

Not sure how our little guy ended up with the seedless watermelon sticker on him, he is good enough to eat, I tell him, but that was going a bit far:) Somehow I think Kitty Kat had a hand in that.......

Yesterday when we did a grocery run, Camden found a shirt for Chloe that was sooo cool- it has a panda bear and says " wanna flower?" How neat is that, Chloe meanings "blooming" pandas are Chinese. We HAD to get it, of course. Too cute.

Camden is very excited and asked me if he could hug Chloe sooo tight when she gets here. I said "of course" and Kat looked a bit sad. So I said to her, "do you know what Chloe is going to do when she sees you?" She shook her head no. So I said " she is going to pick you up and say " my mei mei, my mei mei" . Oh, the grin, on Kat, as she realized she is Miss Chloe's mei mei, little sister. She was so happy then, to know she is still the baby girl here and will always be.

Chloe is getting a surprise, we asked if she wanted anything sent, she asked for skates but with the crazy 24.4 inch measurement of foot we got and the weight of them , we thought we could not give her them. Well, I found a pair of adjustable rollerblades, only $12 new( gotta love Wa*mart), not as heavy to send. They are for her birthday, July 22. I HAD to send along a note to not get hurt on them, after all I am her momma and will worry about this. Even half way around the world, my girl, I will worry and think of you.

We are off to get cake and socks, everyone over the age of 18 gets socks for birthdays, they are glad as they hate to spend their money on socks for some strange reason. Kat is thrilled she can sing the birthday song all day to someone. Happy Birthday to our Derrik.

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