Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update post

Okay, if I bore you, just skip on by this post as it's all talk, no pictures :) We got back from our vacation, Kat and I had a fabulous time. Friday after getting in super late (Un**ed Airlines SUCKS) we hung in the pool, relaxed and got settled in. Saturday we went to the China Girl Reunion where I got tons of good advice for Chloe coming home and got to see a couple from our travel group I didn't expect to see. Kat had a ball and we got the first of the "are they TWINS?" as I took them super cute dresses for them to match. After the reunion we went to the Asian market and got some neat stuff, I got Kat a carved Goat (YEAR of the Goat) and Chloe a Boar (Year of the Boar) . I didn't get to get these in China, we didn't get to shop much as we traveled during the Trade Fair and were bused into GuangZhou from DongGuan.

We then went to the supper and had the best dim sum since China. WOW> was it good. Sunday we were off to the beach, where I got my lovely sunburn, Kat got tan lines and poor DanDan got stung by a jelly fish when we were collecting shells. Monday we went to Magic Kingdom, the girls had appointments for Princess makeovers and got the hair, nails, makeup, a sash and tiaras, all alike even sitting apart and picking their own stuff :) Too funny as the "are they twins" continued for the next 2 days then! Pink hair pieces and all. We had lunch with Tigger, Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet. That was a BIG hit. We rode a few rides and checked out Mickey and Minnie's houses.

Off to the car and into jammies and they were OUT cold for the night. Slept so well they didn't even muss their hair do's. The next day was the 5 day- the poor girls can count to 5 and knew the 5 day was the day to go. DanDan kept saying she wanted 7 day, not 5 when I told her we would come next time for 7 days. But home we had to go. We did a nice lunch with POOR service (shame on you O Garden) and then went shopping at the outlets. Didn't have much time but didn't want to spent too much anyway.

So then it was time. Time to go home. The girls were NOT happy, they parted without immediate tears but are still sad days later. They truly care for one another and remember being together as toddlers in China. Kat even came up with something that sounded like "to share" at the beach and we were trying to figure out what she meant when she told us " Dan Dan to share at Po Po's" and pointed to their shoes, I asked if she meant they shared shoes and she said NO, shoes mean "to share". She never told me that before, but then she taught me "meaguhh" is All Done shortly after coming home, we did not learn that in China. DanDan was shaking her head that Kat was right. Amazing.

Kelly deserves a HUGE thank you here, for opening her home to us, chauffeuring us everywhere, allowing mom to rest and not over booking us. We had a wonderful time, mainly in part to her and her generosity. It was a perfect vacation. Minus the air delays both ways.

As for everyone else, Baba survived without us. Grandma kept everyone in line and the house clean- thanks Grandma- you're super:)
C has a hearing in 9 days (can't tell we are counting) and he has decided to give it a try at home. This will hard for us, especially Kat who loves her "carat". But he will come by, we hope, as he sees the other one that left has done and we expect so we know they are doing okay.

The baby has been a total miracle and answered prayer. After being able to finally get medicine for this child, we are amazed at the difference in him. At first he was too drowsy on just 1/4 of a pill but he had adjusted to it now and spent all day yesterday awake, alert, not crying, just aware, and the drowsy part happened while I was away so I am not sure he was even aware much that we were gone :) Thank you God for that one. So much worry off my shoulders. He was kicking his feet, smiling, trying to coo yesterday, it was so sweet to see. I invited the guy who delivered our medical supplies in to see the baby he was delivering the stuff for, and you know what he said? This tattooed, huge earrings, spiked hair guy says " I was praying for the person these supplies were going to on the trip here. " I showed him the miracle baby and thanked him for the prayers. God is truly good.

As for Chloe. We got home and I had a message from Immigration. Poor Meredith. She said "still no home study." I thought AHHHHHHH. So I called back right away Wed morning and another worker told me Meredith was on vacation till tomorrow. At first I was bummed, but then I realized I could send the HS and would have it by tomorrow when she was back. We had gotten good news in the form of Fingerprint appointments in 2 weeks so that gives her time to work on our approval, we get fingerprinted and it should move right along. So there's more of God's timing. Working things out for an impatient redheaded momma.

In the meantime ,we have a family leaving for their son from Chloe's orphanage in just days and they are going to try to get pics of Chloe and see if she got our package:) YEAH!!! I want to know if she knows of us so badly.

Camden turned into Mr. Super Ball hitter while I was gone, he scored 4 hits in 2 games and has seemed to lost his fear of striking out. He just slams them out there.

Malaree had a job interview for DQ yesterday and got the job. She starts Tues. I wanted to know if this meant I got free ice cream but she said "I'm not giving ANYONE free anything" wow, so there. She's been looking for a job for some time now so she is quite happy to be a summer employee.

We are in the midst of a horrible heat wave, was are all camped in the downstairs AC and not wanting to do much of anything. The car said 100 degrees when we went for diapers earlier. (Can't be without diapers:) It's miserable. Mr. T does NOT tolerate this heat so I am thankful we have AC to keep the humidity and temps at bay for him. I can't imagine the people who do not have AC. I thought it was hot in Florida, as Kelly and DanDan just laughed at me. Well, this is bad. I guess since it's not like this all the time, it's hard to handle when we just have it in waves. It's supposed to break Tuesday.

I think that's it for the news from us. Hope you enjoyed catching up with us.

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Ladyblog said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I wish we could have met up with you. It was a busy weekend for us.
My first job was at a DQ! I worked there 4 years in HS.
Take care,