Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today I am sooooo excited. We got word through the local Chinese college student that is back in China for the summer break that Miss Chloe KNOWS US> she got our package. She must have e-mailed the student since she put her address in there for her to contact her. I did not hear yet what she thought- oh dear. Let's hope she is thrilled.

I also got word from a child adopted from her orphanage recently that her name is pronounced "Fung" so she would be affectionately called "Fung Fung". Glad to know this but also glad we gave her American name Chloe, since Fung Fung spoken here is not going to sound pretty. And our girl is pretty that's for sure. Her smile is gorgeous. I was saying her name and said we have Fung Fung and Tong Tong and Kat said "hey that my name". Ahh my girls.I just love 'em.

We learned some of her personality, she doesn't like sports ( we'll suffer through football, soccer, baseball season together, Miss Chloe) and she likes jump rope- I've not tried that for years but I jumped for joy when I heard she knew us. (no jokes about the house crashing down either). She is learning English in school. YEAH! I know God has brought us this girl and she will be the right child for us and us for her. It just warms my mommy heart to know she is holding that photo album, looking at it, the one my hands put together with so much love for her. WOW- what great news for us. We wanted to be sure she knew of us and would be as prepared as she can be for us and the big changes coming to her life, so now we have the news we longed for.

In other news, Mr. T is home from the hospital, we did an overnight stay for suctioning. He came out of his spell of low temp but had no been able to cough effectively and he needed to as he has a cold. Just a cold at this point. Now that he is more alert he is able to cough, and we found that positioning is crucial to his breathing, with his head size it is different than a normal child with airway difficulties. We have home suction now, and we can see that if he is beginning to slobber as gross as that sounds, he needs positioned differently to be able to breathe better. If positioned right, he doesn't need suctioned at all. This is his first illness so far which is amazing, but he seems to be pulling through, has to be all those prayers:) The doctor does want to have him shunted after he is well. We think this is a really good idea, I mean, how can he NOT have pain and pressure with the size of the head?? I keep telling the docs QUALITY OF LIFE, not quantity, we must give him QUALITY, it's only right. We do not wish to keep him here for him to just suffer. He's just an innocent baby.

I think his Bio Mom needs some prayers, she is backing out of his life more and more and I feel sad for her as he is so sweet and special, and she is missing so much. We love him the same no matter what. He doesn't know, I am glad for that. This is very hard for her.

We got pool passes for the summer today. Even Mr. T got his picture taken for one! Kat cried as she was not allowed to swim, being ill. BUT CAMDEN swimming, why not Kat???????? The joys of summer vacation. 2 days of it and I'm nuts. I think I need to be in the funny farm, oh no, that's right, it's right here, at my HOUSE!!! WANNA come over????

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Walker said...

Vickie.. you're my hero!!! Tears are welling up.... Thank you for what you're doing for this little man...a little gift from God!

Okay,.. "sniff" sniff" .. what an AWESOME connection... that is a GOD thing.. to find someone who can connect you with your little girl!! I bet she's sooo excited!! I can see her smiling and looking at that photo album now!!