Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prayers needed

This is gonna be quick. The baby is not doing well. His temp overnight was 93-94 degrees. After finding a whole group and website about his condition http://www.hydranencephaly.com and finding out that the oldest child living with this is 24, we are not really ready for him to go. (Is anyone EVER ready to let a loved one go, especially a BABY??)
No pictures of HIM are on the site, but he looks similar to the pics there. So beautiful.
He has rallied before. Prayers for him PLEASE>
Also for Kat, she has bronchitits, close to pneumonia (yeah in this heat!), which may be what the baby is trying to fight off too, hard to tell.

Please pray for them both. SO far I have the baby warmer and he is breathing easier. I'll post more later, gotta hold my angel babe.


Walker said...

OH no! So sorry!! Praying NOW!!

Jen, Dave and Leah said...

Our prayers are with you.