Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More of Chloe Yun

Today I awoke with an e-mail all about our newest daughter. After we figured out the botched up measurements ( she is 4 ft 9 1/2 inches and 70 pounds) and got a huge laugh over the (62 cm= 24.4 inches) supposed foot size of her, we got to enjoy some news of her.

She is very happy to have a family. She is proud of us, showing off her pictures. She likes her new name Chloe Yun. She loves this color blue, she likes jeans over dresses. She has many friends but 3 best friends. She is learning English, she is in 5 th grade. She wishes to learn how to roller skate. She calls us her American family and can't wait to come live with her parents. (US!!)
We are soooo in love. What a sweetheart she is. She understands we are waiting on paperwork and will come to adopt her as soon as we are allowed. I am so happy to know she feels our love and our desire to be her family and can know this each night as she goes to sleep- you are wanted and loved, Chloe Yun. Sleep tight.

Only sad news for our little man. The appointment for him did not go well. The odds of helping his situation now are very poor and not worth the risk. It is so dissappointing to think his head size is beyond doing a shunt for him and if he had gotten one sooner he may have been different, but then maybe he would not have survived. Only God knows the reasoning and we are picking back up, enjoying his life, his smiles and having him for each day we are blessed with him. We did not expect miracles to cure him but to basically be told it's too late and it could have been done sooner at little risk to him was hard. We have to rejoice now that he is comfortable, he is sweet and loveable, he is resting well, alert during the day and a gift. His prognosis is very poor with the issues he is already facing. But his life has never been a waste, he has and will continue to be loved, and touch us forever, we're here for the long haul baby boy, can't scare us away:) I'm so glad to have him in our family.

So as we share our ups and downs today, we thank God for each and every minute we have here, hug your babies, folks, they are His children, each and every one, given to us as gifts to enjoy or not. Enjoy your gifts today:)


Jen, Dave and Leah said...

Vickie, I'm so happy you received that information about Chloe Yun. I got goosebumps reading it :)
You have such a wonderful family and are a blessing to your little guy. You'll be in my prayers.

Donna said...

Exciting to hear more about Chloe! That's quite a foot on that girl though! ;)

I'm so envious that you're heading back and can't wait to watch all the excitement and blessings unfold in your life (again!)


Walker said...

Vickie.. I'll say it again.. You Are my Hero!! It's people like you and your husband.. taking care of a SN baby that so Admire! I know it takes ALOT of work and your emotions are up and down...what a blessing he is to us ALL and what a blessing your family is to him!!!
Much love and ((hugs))