Saturday, June 21, 2008

Illness in summer

As usual, when not hearing from me for so long, I have been indisposed. Ill, snotty, sick, coughing, yucky, feverish, chills. Bronchitis has made it's rounds here, it hit me quite hard. The baby went to the hospital for his cold and the doctor kept him due to ME- he refused to release him till I got in to my doctor and got meds. He was having trouble clearing himself again but I wanted him home, it is actually harder to have him in the hospital since we do have night help at home.

I saw the biggest difference in him in the hospital, he was sick, yes, but not one nurse picked him up and held him, they were scared of him and I wanted to stay away from him as much as possible since I was running fevers so I actually had to get the kids here at home to come to the hospital to hold him for stimulus. He SLEPT the entire hospital stay, even off his medicine. It made me very sad for him but happy that within hours of being home he was alert, awake and 2 days later now, he is back to his usual and seems to have kicked the cold without it going to bronchitis. Thank God. He also is going for a consult for a shunt- if he can get one, this next week, another answered prayer.

In the midst of having a 102 fever and coming home to sleep, I checked the mail- MISTAKE- immigration letter again. I wanted to cry. SO at 12 midnight I am frantically e-mailing SW to fix this, it was silly stuff, like where will Chloe sleep within the house, not just, we have x people and x rooms. Did we ever have ALCOHOL problem - substance abuse wasn't good enough apparently, you had to have the word "alcohol" in there, even though we consider alcohol a substance of abuse- doesn't everyone??? AHHHH. So an addendum had to be done for that. It was stuff the SW had to do, good thing not me, since I might have goofed up something, as it was I told her not to be surprised if something I wrote made no sense at all. Anyone needing a GOOD Home Study agency in PA e-mail me:)

She did get it done, KUDOS to her again, we find we are really the trial people, going through Hague, making the way for others, to what is accepted and what is not and they want everything to pass the first time it goes to China, how can we be mad about that? Can't. Since it would be worse to get it to China and have them say it's unacceptable to them, it's easier to fix at this level. So my patience level is okay with this. We go for fingerprints this week too, so that will give us that step to check off.

In sad news for us this week, C left to go back home. We were sad as we know he was torn about going back and he almost immediately after the hearing said he thought he made the wrong choice. AHHHH- can't change it now, he will have to muddle thru somehow. He breaks my heart. He is coming today and staying to go on a family outing we had planned awhile back and stay the weekend. He leaves on a teen trip Mon morning for a week. Maybe he will be able to think and talk to someone during his time away.
He knows he is welcome here anytime, for a day, an hour, overnight, we told him that clearly. He is always going to be one of "our kids" no matter where he is in life. He really touched this whole family- and we love him.

Kat is over her bronchitis that she shared so nicely with all. Camden and her always seem to get it first, get over it the quickest , and then leave the rest of us in a dazed mess of illness while they are booming with energy. C had no sooner packed when Camden was claiming space in the room and fighting with Donobin over beds, drawers, messes and more. Kat was fussing asking when Chloe was coming since no one is in her room sleeping with Camden relocated. Just what mom needed as she is coughing and choking and hoping her bladder holds.
At one point I was laying down and looked up, the 2 buggers were sitting, Camden in the kiddie chair and Kat on the coffee table behind him and she was picking in his hair like they were monkeys grooming each other. I asked her what she was doing and she said "he have sprinkles"- then he says "It's sparkles Kat, not sprinkles" in his usual brother disgusted tone, like I've told her this 100 times! I dared to ask "WHY? And this is what I got- Camden had my paints out to paint a little ceramic turtle he found and got into the glitter which reminded Kat of Florida and the Magic Kingdom Bibbitty Bobbity Boutique and "let's make us magical," was the idea. 3 days later and glitter is still being found on them. Oh well, at least they didn't paint themselves with permanent paint purple or blue, right? What's a little glitter, just a pretty shine- we need some shine here:)
Hope you have a shining day, ilke us..............................................

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Andi68 said...

Kat looks different every time you post new pictures. But still beautiful. I am sorry you are all so sick. At least Mr. T is home now. I know what you mean about the hospital. I always knew it was best for Jamie to be in the hospital but it made life very difficult. At least I was able to be in with her. It's been a year and a half since she's been in. I wish I could say the same for me.