Monday, June 23, 2008

Fingerprinting DONE!

Oh dear, oh my, it was like a dream. Off we went with an 8 am appointment for a 2 1/2 hours away immigration fingerprinting session. We left a 5 am. We decided to take Kitty Kat since Camden said he did not wish to go.

Re-living the LAST time we got fingerprinted, 2 vomiting children, a puppy in the car (what WERE we thinking?) NO appointment times, broken machines, overcrowded waiting room and we went this time prepared for the worst. Wow, were we in for a treat. Appointment times, first of the day. We arrived 30 minutes before it even opened. We were first in, done in 15 minutes, out of there. I could hardly believe we did it, but I have the red stamp on our paperwork to prove we did. WOOOOHOOO! Miss Chloe we are working super hard to get to you girl!

Kat had a great day with mom and dad to herself, we stopped in at the Outlets and were able to pick up some B & B Works for about $2 a bottle ( Big size even) for orphanage nanny gifts. I was so happy. Kat got a pink rubber duck for the tub for a buck. Momma's wallet was spared and our love of shopping satisified.

Mr. T goes tomorrow morning bright and early for a consult regarding a shunt. Please keep im in your thought and prayers, he is doing really well, over the cold he had, and just a pleasant a baby as can be. He gave me the dickens when I got home today for having a nurse care for him all day. But then he smiled and cooed at me so he must have decided to forgive me:) He is so sweet, alert and awake almost all day now and starting to fuss about not being able to SEE what is going on. I think if we get his head size under control we will be able to get him equipment to put him in a sitting position so he can see more he will be happier. He is so much more responsive it's just a joy to see him as he stops, bats his eyelashes and waits to see if you will talk to him again.

Malaree was a great help today, keeping Camden and then off to work she went. Sure is nice to be able to trust her to keep the kids when we need her and her be reliable. Really helps us out. Grandma was good enough to come in for a time too, to help break up the day for the kids.

We are very happy today to feel this much closer to our girl, Chloe Yun. Gosh, I can't wait to hug our girl. I want to run off to China now. Hang on Chloe, if you see a redhead coming your way, it's just your momma :) Oops, I'm supposed to be patient here, right?

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