Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank you Bro

Sometimes people are just too much, and I had a day like that. I needed some brotherly love and even from Japan I could feel it. I love my big bro, he's so cool. He has red hair like me, he loves Asian culture, just like me, he is such a good support in the craziness of life, I have to make this post to him. So thank you brother, for bringing me happiness when others have driven me to wish I drank. I've always said I will never drink 'cause if I start I may not STOP! Ha ha!

It's raining again today, the kids are getting stir crazy in the house. Yesterday I was supposed to work and had really wanted not to but to find someone to work for you on a weekend is about a likely as getting blood from a turnip. Especially when you already only work one day a week, if you dare say that day doesn't suit and you'd like to change it, you risk the wrath of all those hardworking women who are forced by finances to work there everyday and can kill you with the daggers that their eyeballs can shoot off from 20 feet away. Women can be some vicious people to work with. PHEW> I guess they think I sit around eating bon bons everyday and watching soaps. I think I'd rather work around 100 men than 10 women.

Little do they know I am in need of surgery for the bladder that is now sitting down around my knees from not getting to go to the bathroom for endless hours, I forget my own middle name but know when the boy's next 3 hour feeding is and when he pooped last. I don't ever watch soaps, hope to catch the news once a week, and don't sit down for 99% of the day without someone on my chest or lap. My job is here. I love my job, true, but I am working. I'm not a PP (pampered princess) nor would I want to be, with the world as it is this is my way to give back to others, my mothering skills. I don't want awards or recognition, just give me some sloppy kid kisses, a smile from an angel and I'm good to go.
I thank God for my "work" and will get to my bladder someday. Hopefully before I start talking nonsense and the older kids slap me in the Manor. (Nursing home from HE--) since I told them I knew they weren't going to put up with me when I grew old.

Okay now off of MY issues and on to the fun stuff, the kids. PROM NIGHT last night, Malaree and H went. H also turned 18 last night. Big day for her. The girls looked just gorgeous. SO proud of them:)

They made my day, their youth, their fun, their good looks, their excitement. And we made sure the guys knew to behave or we'd hunt them down and hurt them- ha ha!


Andi68 said...

congradulations!! I was wondering how long it would take you. When I spoke with Ron last summer about you adopting again, I knew it would only be a matter of time.
I wish I could do the same, but we wouldn't make it past the physicals. Maybe someday.

Andie said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough time the past few days. I'm glad your brother can lift your spirits. Being a mom is the most wonderful, and yet the hardest job I've ever had. I'm looking forward to going back to teaching and dealing with everyone elses' kids, for only 3 hours!