Thursday, May 15, 2008

Still happy as can be

Had to make a few changes to Chloe's information. Not allowed to share "identifying information." Still can't rain on our JOY! It's even gotten better, so far we have 4 more pictures of our girl, from mission trips to her orphanage. I can't post any of these due to other children being in these pictures. I have some more pics supposed to be coming and someone going to the orphanage to complete their adoption is going to give her hugs and kisses for us. YEAH! By the time they go she will have received our box sent with love and tons of pictures.

We are still sitting around waiting, I better get good at that. WAITING> hearing of storms, and earthquakes, enough to turn a mother's hair white. Oh, yeah, I already am, I just hide it:)

We are full swing into the baseball season here, Camden is getting better and better. He got 2 hits last night. Kat LOVES going to the ball games, as it means GUM. Something she readily tells all she "not allowed to have" but it seems that changes when it comes to "Baseball gum" as she calls the crap that looks like tobacco. ( shame on that company)

She eats it like it's a food then heads for the sunflower seeds, of which she still can spit the shells like a grown man. She came to us with this amazing distance spitting ability, she could but any boy to shame. Thank God it's reserved for her sunflower seeds and tooth brushing time, it's not really an attractive quality in a little girl:)

Kat has told everyone she is getting a sister, even if they don't want to know, she tells them. Chloe she says, my sister. She asks if everything we bought last night in the grocery store was for "Chloe". I said "No, I think the rest of the family needs to EAT food Kat." Silly girl. Not very jealous, that's a good sign. We popped in the dollar store today and got things I forgot last night-( mind is going- what can I say) and when we got back she said " I didn't get nofin" No she didn't. Just necessities. WOW. Amazed her we were okay to do that. No trinkets, no candy, just put away our light bulbs and our Ziploc bags and move on :)

I started a life book for Chloe, figured I have lots of time to work on it. Hard to start it from birth, but I did. She will need to have something tangible to explain her life, even if it looks pitiful to others. It's her story. It's a work in progress, I used the same Asian doll baby picture for the baby picture on the front page as Kat's and she said "hey that my baby picture", but she wasn't upset, she was happy they both had the same "baby". Oh my girls. If only you understand that God was holding you back then, cradled in His arms till He could hand you over to us. A precious gift to raise as our own, to cherish and enjoy for as long as He gives us.
Amazing grace, that's for sure.

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