Saturday, May 24, 2008

OOPS on me

The picture above is from from the snow storms this past winter and relief that was sent in to China through many organizations. Guess we know Chloe has seen snow:) She's in the green, best smile I have seen yet:)
Now about my BIG BOO BOO-
All my fault, my impatient self, that our Home Study was NOT being processed by immigration till yesterday. WHY? "Cause I wanted to do it MY way! YIKES> did I create trouble.
Agency said "we send in your immigration stuff all together, hummm, as my brain started figuring out that it's quicker to send it in to my state than from their state to my state after I send it to the agency. So first I send off the I-600A form.

That was the first mistake. Hague is in effect for adoptions from China now and it's not 2006 anymore. Back came my check and form. Did this teach me to listen?? No, of course not. So off I send the I800A form (without homestudy as it wasn't done yet). This time they accept it and I am thinking-huh, see agency doesn't know everything.

WELL- apparently they do. Yesterday 2 poor souls spent the better part of the day fixing my mistake. I sent the home study to the same place we sent the last one to. Again, it's not 2006 anymore. They have a new way to deal with the Hague countries adoptions. Hence, a new place to send everything at once.

So after they got our form and started processing form, they called to ask "where is the homestudy?" Oops. Thank God I certified it, they were "tracking it down" as of yesterday, a kind and very nice government employee named Meredith. Usually all you can say is bad things about government offices, but on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend, I think she went above and beyond to call me twice to fix mistakes and get the ball rolling for our immigration approval. I even got to speak to a real person and ask if they were far behind on approvals as we need to get our dossier to China asap due to Chloe's age. Very nice woman, who by then should have been telling me to stick it for sending stuff wrong, replied, "oh, we will get this in, don't worry". WOW- to ease a mother's fears even when she is an impatient red headed who goofed big time and gave you extra work to do. KUDOS to you Meredith.
That will teach me to listen. Maybe:)

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