Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New pics and better days

Ahh, yes, the days pass by, lots of rain here, and immigration is the word. Comm'on immigration. The last and most important piece of expensive paper to bring Chloe Yun home. Must have it, can't adopt with out it, gotta be in there. We asked, as did the home study agency to expedite our case due to her age, never hurts to ask, huh?

In the meantime, new pictures found from missionary trip last fall, so cool to find these pics and guess immediately which one is her. I'm seeing some spunk here. She's gonna fit right in. She is standing in a group just like Kat would, kinda sassy looking, "okay hurry up" look about her. Too funny. We're going to be blessed for sure with this one. I can tell already.

We have had so many people give us encouragement and hope, we truly are blessed and trust in God to be giving us "the perfect fit" for our family. He didn't lead us here for nothing, our signs are there, we feel sooooo relieved and happy that we know for sure she is meant to be our girl. A big question seems to be "are we worried, about her age." No, we are not, we do not wish for her to feel we are "saved her, " we just want to be her parents.

Age 13, so what? We have done that many times over so it isn't a big deal to us. Kids are kids, they are all special, we enjoy getting to know this new one and embrace the fact that she is meant to be ours. We wanted an older child, we are as thrilled if she were 2 going on 3. Just as we were with Kat.

What we missed- this is her history, it will impact her future, it will always be her history, but it does not have to be negative. It's in how you look at it, how we teach her to live with it.
At lunch today we "ate China" as Kat says and she says "I in China" like a goof and the waitress said "you are China?" and she said "NO- I IN CHINA!" then burst out laughing. We went with big brother Derrik, whom I made pick up the tab (okay so it was only $18 for us 3) but I said "oh Happy Mom's Day to me RIGHT?" Yeah, he's the one who forgot me :)

She then told the owner she is getting sister, as he already knows but she tells him over again, "Chloe, is her sister." She was going through the people she knows who are Chinese, Po Po ( grandma), Kat, Chloe, Dan Dan, Yan Yan, Rissa, Manda, Gie Gie, Wai Gong (grandpa) Lu Yun, and I said to her "hey silly, Lu Yun and Chloe are the same person, your sister." She laughed and said "oh yeah." She is quite the character some days and today she was in top form. Such a joy. Just wondering what Chloe will think of her:)

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Chelley said...


My computer crashed a few months ago and lost all my fav blogs and web sites etc I have been slowly trying to find them all!!! ANd I could not beilve when I found yours again!!!

I am so happy for your family!!! AND WOW HASNT KAT GROWN!