Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Days

Wow is it cold for May! First it was warm last week, pulled out the shorts, got all excited and now it's in the 30's at night. Crazy weather.

Camden and Kat decided yesterday to take care of all my tulips, as in PICK them all! AHHH! My lovely double tulips, my blue ones, all of them, gone. I was upset but then when I realized Kat thought they had done a good thing, to pick them and give them to me, I just figured, oh well, they will be back next year.

Mr. T has had a rough patch, 4 DAYS of inconsolable crying, one night it was 8 minutes, the longest he slept at one time for the night nurse. She ran from our house, looking kind of like she wanted to scream. We took him to a support group meeting of foster parents and he slept 1 hour then screamed one hour so I know they all were thinking " Thank God we don't have HIM" but we love him. Doesn't matter if he bawls or not. We can't help but think he is hurting but that's an old issue I have gone over and over with his doc. We think after these spells his head enlarges too, so it must be related somehow. And yes, we know about shunts, it is not an option for this little one. I am glad now we have different nurses as to not burn them out when he is tough on them. All the nurses love him and they do their best to make him happy at night. Bless them! He is exhausted now and sleeping away. Usually he will do this about once a month for the 3-5 days, otherwise he may have a fussy day or night.

We had Mayfest last weekend in our little town, and yes, it was still April. Not sure what that is about, but we went and got Kat's face painted, she picked a sunrise, and Camden and her won little toys fishing. Kat immediately gave her little plastic Dalmatian dog to Mr. T and claimed she won it for him.

Camden is full tilt into baseball, he had a game tonight. Mr T and I stayed home since it's so chilly but as I just went downstairs to gather Mr. T's feeding stuff, there were 3 TV's on full blast, bead from the abacus that Camden and Kat fought over and broke so beads of every color flew everywhere, but once I turned everything off and cleaned up the beads it looked amazingly like a clean house with no one home :) WOW. Don't see that often.

Miss Kat and I have a very special trip coming up. At the end of May we are heading to FLORIDA! Yes, we are hitting Disney World, the agency's China reunion, and staying with our wonderful friends, Kelly and Caidi. Caidi is Kat's best friend from her orphanage, they were fostered by sisters so they grew up together. Kat is very excited and knows she is going to see "her Dan Dan" as she calls her. Grandma has so graciously agreed to come in and stay, the baby will have nurse coverage and we aren't staying very long, but we will enjoy ourselves, I am sure. We hope to make this trip so that when the day comes to go back to China to visit Kat understands we are visiting, not taking her back.!

We already have appointments to have make overs done at Disney for the girls and they are counting down the days till we go. Fun, fun, fun!


Andie said...

What a FUN trip you have planned! We are actually in the beginning stages of planning our own Disney trip for January...any tips or your favorite things to see/do would be very helpful!
I'm so sorry Mr.T is having such a rough time. I pray for you all often.

Ladyblog said...

We live in Tampa! You should e-mail me and maybe we can get together for lunch or dinner or something if you will be in town long enough... we would love to meet you!