Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I wish, I wish it were to be to go to China but no such luck. Although I do not know how we would afford to go right now so I am glad in a way for the extra time to save and raise the money to go. Speaking of which a HUGE thank you from us to our first contributor for Chloe Yun, we are so happy to have people who care about us and our precious girl waiting in China for us. It means so much to have the prayers and help to get us on our way :) Anyone else wanting to chip in there, go right ahead, don't be shy:) What better cause can you think of? To help a girl get a forever family and know YOU had a part of it. No overhead, no taxes, no administrative costs, it goes straight to getting Chloe Yun HOME.

Kat and I are heading to Florida this week, we bought our tickets with income tax return before we ever knew we would find Chloe Yun so I did not want to cancel this trip when it is so very special for Kat. She will be seeing her Dan Dan, the girl she was raised with as the foster mothers were sisters. They share a special bond and were so sweet together in China during our trip. Kat has spoken to Dan Dan and wanted to go to see her, not understanding the distance between us. It is also the first China girl reunion that we have been able to attend, and it is HUGE. I think Kat will LOVE seeing all the China girls and I will have an opportunity to get some pointers from experienced moms that have adopted older China girls. We are both eager to go to that. Grandma is coming in to help and keep everyone in line:)

And does anyone go to Florida and NOT go to Disney?? We have Princess appointments for the girls to made over:) and we will be spending some lazy time at the beach as well. I am looking forward to SLEEP and seeing my great friend. who is like a sister to me. We share a kinship through our girls, we are Min mommas. A Special group of moms of the great and trying Min spirited girls:) Although there are a few boys now but we knew of none when adopting our girls. Our foster moms know we are taking this trip and are eager to see the girls together for the first time in almost 2 years as well. So lots of pictures it will be, although with Baba's camera since I now broke the camera to my printer as well as the printer. Man, was I upset. I was at a ballgame carrying 50 million things and as stuff started to slip, I saved dropping the boy and sacrificed the camera. I was really hoping it was a soda I had dropped but NO, it was the camera and it killed it. I can not survive with no camera so Baba can go without a camera as we can not afford to buy a new one anytime soon.

Kat is so excited to know it's just 2 days till we go now, she keeps saying "DanDan have pool. She have toys. We have toys, we not have pool. DanDan have pool." WOW- hope she can bring herself to come HOME with me and give up that pool.........


Andie said...

Have an AWESOME time in Florida. We are planning a trip there this winter...so take notes and let me know of anything that is a CAN'T Miss!!
Can't wait to see pictures of Kat and her Min-sister.

Mission to Macie said...

can't wait to see the pics!

have fun!!!