Monday, May 12, 2008

Late Momma's Day Surprise

Look at the picture first- NOTICE ANYTHING FUNNY??

Ohhh am I a HAPPY MOMMA today. I got the BEST gift anyone could have ever given to me. I'm getting another DAUGHTER. AS IN, A CHINA GIRL. She is gorgeous. She is almost 13, she is in Henan. (Not affected by the earthquake, thank God).
The picture is one I put in a photo album that I made for our girl. Baba said all those kids will scare her- ha ha!

Now for the kicker. After applying for PA (pre- approval) from China, we asked her last name. Her reports did not have it on for privacy issues. When they told us we couldn't believe it. SAME as KAT! She is NOT from the same province, not the same orphanage. Not even a common name, we are told. We will be naming her Chloe Yun. Anyone have goose bumps yet?

I was so happy we got PA I screamed and since that isn't allowed in the house, I heard a little girl- Miss Kat- saying "that you mommy, screaming?" Yup, that's me!

Now for the questions you all will want to know.
She can ask for simple things in English. I already called our school and they will work with us to place her where we want in grade level terms and they have ESL (English as Second Language) classes she will be able to get help from.

Here are a few things you may NOT say to us-
Are we nuts? NO
Don't we have enough? I hate this question- we are not collecting pets here, we are accepting the grace of God to have given us another daughter. We are thankful and excited, don't rain on our joy. We love her already.
What will you do with another one (kid) HUMM- LOVE HER!! Provide for her, just as we do them all.
Where will we put her? In Kat's room, we have an extra bed, believe it or not, and Camden is sick of sleeping in her room to make her happy. She hates to be alone.

Are we worried about bringing home an older child. "NO" she is meant to be ours, we did not want a competition going on between her and Kat. They will each have their place in the family yet have each other as China girls. Why this age? We just knew we were babied out, Kat is loving being the youngest girl and we felt a gap between Donobin and Camden.

Miss Chloe is barely bigger than Camden, even though she is nearly 13. She also has pig tails just like Kat. She likes to read, play with dolls. She is sometimes impatient (she'll fit right in here)and she is healthy but considered SN due to her age.

We are rushing to get paperwork done, we have our home study done, waiting on immigration approval, have all documents for our dossier to go to China except the immigration approval. We must have that. So we hope to look at a timeline similar to Kat's dossier to China in late June, approval to travel in Sept. We have no desire to travel in August due to the heat and the Olympics, the flight costs are outrageous then. But we will go in God's timing as He brought us this child, when we were thinking it would not ever be possible to adopt from China again and here we are:)

Last time with Kat we were blessed to be given the means to afford to adopt her with only my brother helping us out with a donation. We have covered all Chloe's adoption costs up to now and will be fine till travel. We expect to need to ask for help with the travel costs. My aunt is willing to go with me, hubby isn't going to lower the costs of our travel. My aunt is paying her own way- I felt rude to ask her to cover her own expenses but she is like a mom to me and she understood completely.

We will be fundraising (any great ideas there, pass them on!!) as this time I will not have the option to go to a full time position. But we fully believe God wants this little girl to come home to us, to be our Chloe and that the funds will come. We are placing a chip in on the site (as soon as I figure out how) for donations for Chloe to come home. We do not wish for anyone to "pay our way" we will be working hard to make the money we are short. We figure it at $3,000 we will need.

SO if you feel inclined, if you want to know that YOU had a hand in bringing Kat's sister home, PLEASE chip in and know we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We can't wait to share Chloe's homecoming with everyone.

I am just bowled over with JOY. I think it's the best Momma's Day ever except the oldest son ( lives NEXT DOOR) never called or stopped in but then he will be paying for that for the next YEAR till he can make up for it:)

Chloe Yun, we love you girl, you don't even know what you are getting into- WOW!


Mission to Macie said...

Congrats again! I am just so excited for your family and for Miss Chloe!!!

I absolutely can't wait to follow your journey!!!

Jill and Macie

Ruthie said...

I have been watching for great news, what a way to wake up this morning! I am so excited for you I hope this wait is much faster than the last! Love Ruthie

Blogs For Babies said...

Goosebumps... YES!!
I just love hearing God's Amazing Work!!!
I can't wait to see her fit wonderfully in her new family!!

cheepette8 said...

Congratulations! I loved this little girl when she was on the list. I'm glad she has a family now.

Ladyblog said...

Wow! That is awesome. I was hoping that was your good news from the e-mail you sent me. She is just beautiful and you will be so blessed to have another daughter. Congratulations! Let me know if I can help in any way...

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Wow, Wow, and WOW! I'm so excited for you!! And she's so beautiful...just like all of our Min girls!
Lynn & Olivia

Lori and Pete said...

How amazing that you are adding such a cute girl to your family. We are also the parents of a Min girl and ours is named Chloe too, so I think you have really good taste. I have often dreamed about adopting an older child.

We are looking forward to following your journey.

Lori W

Andie said...

Wow Vicki...I drop off the blogging radar for a few days and look what I come back to. I'm so excited for you guys!! What awesome news! Can't wait to see her and Kat together! Are you going to be able to take Kat to visit her "grandparents"?

Blessings, and Happy Mother's day...just a few days late! :-)