Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Birthday song

This week brought C's birthday. So off we went for a cake, we had already gotten him a very needed item, an alarm clock for a gift:) We also bought him a nice new bicycle. Kat ran to him in the morning before school to tell him "Happy Birfday" then spent the day singing Happy Birthday to him, even though he was in school.

We invited his family in for cake and ice cream, Kat says to his Dad " you my friend?" He said " I guess so" so she then declares " you my best friend". Okay then. Everyone gets such a kick out of her and her silliness.

She enjoyed going out back and riding with all the kids as C tried out his new bike and the others rode along. Donobin even hooked up the bike trailer when she got tired and couldn't keep up, so her Royal Highness could ride in luxury.

We have some excited kids here, the usual" summer is coming" spring fever. The girls both have Prom coming which just happens to be on H's birthday. They had the great idea to do a birthday/after prom party to which I am not being party to. NO way. I know better than to be sucked into that one. Too many problems. So they are trying to organize one on their own and we will see what they come up with, our birthday celebration is cake and ice cream with gifts, family only. I'm NOT hosting an after prom party for 200 kids! Wonder woman I am not- for sure. The girls both have gorgeous dresses, they will be so beautiful for their prom.
Mother's Day is this weekend, I have asked for mulch and flowers, hard labor included. I want to buy my flowers, get a load of mulch and be the boss of where it all goes. I normally go nuts with flowers and spend 2 days planting but that is not an option this year with Mr. T needed to be fed every 3 hours. Can't get that into it. So next best thing is telling the kids where to plant and letting them do the dirty work:) All for the sake of the gift giving spirit- ha ha!
Mr T had a rough patch the past few days, fussing one night from 2 am till 6, the nurse couldn't do a thing with him, but he has been sleeping solid for 2 days now. He even missed the 9 am feeding yesterday and seems pale and listless. I am worried he is going downhill and I fight with myself to be "ready" to let him go, I do NOT wish to have him in pain, yet I love him and want him to stay here with us. So selfish of us. He seems a bit more lively this evening, more himself but he is still pale and I am asking for prayers for him. Please lift this little guy up in your prayers, our little gift from God, at a time when I thought we we done with babies in our life, he has been the neatest surprise baby we have been blessed with.

Camden is losing teeth left and right, he is snaggle toothed now with the second front tooth barely hanging in there. I tried to yank on it last night but it was a no go. So C helped him to twist is out (yuck) tonight. He is thrilled to be raking in money from that tooth fairy and his big teeth are moving in so fast, he hardly has the open spot for a day or so and the new tooth is coming in. Now if I can just get Kat to STOP wiggling her teeth, in an effort to copy big brother and cash in:)
I'm off to hand over the baby to the nurse and say my own prayers. G' night.


Andie said...

Sounds like you are very usual! I am so sorry to hear that Mr. T isn't doing as well. I will keep praying for him and for you all. Prayers for comfort and peace.

Bethany's 4th b-day is next week, Kat can sing for her if she needs someone to sing for! :o)


Andie said...

Oh, I almost forgot:


(I'm not coming to help plant, anything I touch, dies. I just planted 8 geraniums, we'll see how long they last! :o))