Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why, but why mommy?

Yes it's true, Miss Kat has learned the why word. This word is applied to everything. "Let's get you dressed Kat. Why? Do you want to wear blue? Why? "Cause you look pretty in it. Why? Why? Why?" AHHHHH! I find myself saying the dreaded "because I said so" more than once!

H had a hearing today as she turns 18 next month and she requested to stay in care. Wow, not too many kids go that route, but she has a year left of school to go.
Saturday was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm so off we went outside with Mr. T and sat him on the swing on his pillow. Kat picked him a daffodil and he was alert and looking around. It was so neat to let him feel the sun on his face and every time the wind blew he gasp just a little like he was saying " what's that?" We felt like everyone should have a chance to feel the sun and have a breeze blow through your hair in their lifetime, he obviously enjoyed it. We hope to have many more days to share the outdoors with him. He is growing, up over 12 pounds now.

Kat will be sporting barrettes for a while now since tonight she came to me with poster putty stuck in tuff of her hair, almost in her bangs, but not quite. It had to be cut out so we will be hiding that missing chunk of hair however we must with hairstyles. She tried to tell me Daddy did it, this is her new trick - LIE and see if I call her on it. All I have to do is say " Kat are you lying to me?" and she caves. What a turd !
Notice anything different about Camden? Yep, he's lost his front tooth. FINALLY is all he could say. He was so happy to lose another tooth, just #2 to go at age 7 1/2! He talks funny and it's so odd to see that big gaping hole. He was running into the house tonight, slipped and grabbed onto Kat's shoe basket and tumbled a bunch of things down onto himself giving him a nasty brush burn on his shoulder. All I heard was "CRASH" and crying, scared a few more white hairs right onto my head.
I got Donovan to help me load this clip of the kids playing, they don't always get along but they were having such fun I had to share them in action:) Enjoy!

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