Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where's Kat?

Outside! That's where. Busy,busy girl. Even Mr. T loves the outdoors and 75 degrees, sunny with a sweet wind blowing, who can resist that?

The tulips are coming up, the bushes are all flowering. It's just gorgeous to be out and enjoying the great weather. We still need to get fish for the pond, the usual much and flowers to plant, but there's still time for that.

I went to work the other night, did 2 C-section's in one shift, which is very rare, came home, Kat was still up. She says, " you look like a nurse, mommy" as she rubs my clothes. "Ha ha! goober, I said, I am a nurse." Silly girl. Guess she forgot since I cut back my work so much. I sure felt like one, feet and back were killing me.

We got all our junk hauled out and taken away this week, yes, the annual Spring Clean Up where we dump everything we don't want out and people come to root through it and make a huge mess then the township comes and hauls it away after 4 days of fighting over the junk, with flashlights at midnight, weird, weird people. I got rid of boxes, many boxes that Baba seems to think must be saved from every electronic item he has ever purchased forever. GONE now :)
Pictures of Kat, playing in her room looking wayyyyy too cute and having a blast on that rocking horse, she sure loves that horsey (thanks again Suzy!)


Andie said...

She is such a cutie. Enjoy the nice weather...soon enough it will be in the 90's and too hot to go outside for long. :( We even put some water in the little pool this afternoon, it was in the upper 80's here, but now we're paying for it, BAD storms just North of here, softball sized hail and tornadoes. Gotta love spring in Kansas! :o)

Andi68 said...

I was showing Jamie these pictures and she said, "I want to see my Kitty sing". She remembered a post from a while ago in which Kat sang You are my sunshine. So I had to find it and play it again. Then she said,"I want to go to Kitty's house." So we will probably see you in July again.
Your cuz,