Friday, April 11, 2008

Momma killed the photo printer

I killed the printer. Can you imagine? I only have about 30,000 pictures saved. Baba keeps complaining that my photo program slows down the computer, I do not care. I must have my pictures. I am sure Miss Kat is not at all upset, she is tired of me and my picture taking most days.
I have made and sent Po-Po 5 books since bringing Kat home, almost 18 months ago now and am working on my 4th regular sized scrapbook for her. I am amazed I did not find scrap booking before reading about making a life book for an adopted child for their well being and allowing them to process their life story. Now I am sooo hooked. I made one for the baby, I have room for more pages since I filled it up already! I just love being able to pick up a book and go from the beginning to the end of it and see them grow before your eyes.
Miss Kat got a baby doll today, she wanted it at Christmas time but it was too expensive, yes, $50 for a doll is beyond me, but today it was marked down to $20. Momma clearance shopper, scooped it right up. Now I think it's a Chuckie doll as it required batteries and talks, it says " Ohh, momma, I sleepy, want blankey, want bear, want food, want hug, want, want, want. Kat tried to pawn it off on me after she got tired of the "I wants" after awhile and I said "no thanks, got the real live I WANT doll right in front of me!" Add Mr. Grumper Bumper which is Mr. T's new name for his grumpy days and I don't need a fake thing wanting stuff from me. Sad thing is anytime you touch the blasted thing it "comes to life" I think I saw Kat whip her butt and throw her at one point. Gosh, hope she doesn't plan to have children at a young age! I asked her if we treated her that way and she just said " I not want her, I not love her." Okay then, glad I didn't buy her for the original $50 price tag. She did pick her up and play with her then later, guess she was back in her mommy mode.

Kat told me the most interesting thing yesterday, she was looking at her photo album we took to China for her, it was an exact copy of the one we sent her before we went to get her. She asked me first " who take that picture" as it was one without HER and just the 3 kids at home in June 2006. I told her "Derrik, her biggest Gie Gie and she was still in China." "Oh", she said. Then she turned the page and it was a picture of her from her foster family days. I said " who take that picture." Not really expecting her to know, but she comes of with "Ci Ci" and when I got out our book of the girls from her orphanage that one of the mom's made for us and the SWI, I showed her a picture of some of the staff and she picked out this "Ci Ci" person, no problem.

I find this amazing that after 17 months home and she will tell me she can not remember the foster family's grandchild's name that she played with often. Or the foster big brother she had and saw every day, but she clearly recalls this woman coming from the SWI to take her picture and even told me her Po Po was beside the woman. WOW, is all I could say.

Mr. T was grumpy last night, even for his favorite nurse, about 1 1/2 hours of crying straight, uhhh. So hard to cope with that. I almost got up and went down but he is so good for her I knew I would not be any more able to soothe him as she and I had to sleep. I have him tonight to myself. So I am off to feed him and hope he settles in and finds a comfortable way to sleep. He seems so uncomfortable at times and actually doesn't wish to be held, I think it must pain him and we try so hard to make him as comfy as possible. Another day we have been blessed by him. No smiles today though, he doesn't seem to feel well. Keep him in your prayers, they help sooo much, no doubts about that!

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Andie said...

WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME??? My scrapbook ends around the time Abbigail was 6 months old...that is 7 1/2 years ago!! I am SOOO behind! And most of my pictures are on the computer (we've made back-ups) but never have been printed out. :o( One day....