Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let me count the smiles

Our baby boy has been so gracious to reward me with daily smiles, he is so sweet he is even crinkling up his nose and smiling at me now. Talk about precious! My concern has been him feeling pain but after talking with the doctor who consulted with a neurologist who states any crying he does would be due to the disrupted neurological issues, not due to pain and the concensus that stronger pain medicine (other than tylenol) would depress his breathing, we are just praying for him and comforting him as much as possible. He cries sometimes and can't be soothed, although usually momma can calm him best. So we just keep on, enjoying him and loving him each day, each hour that we are blessed with him.

I took him and had pictures done of him and I, I so dearly wish I could post them, but this is not allowed. They did such a nice job, we got pictures together and they even caught him smiling in one. I will post the ones of his adorable feet and hands. I got a collage of those with his picture smiling and him looking up at a teddy bear over his shoulder. Too sweet.

Otherwise we have been busy keeping up with the babe, I am behind posting but for all that follow us do not assume the worst. We are just making each minute count. If anything happens with the baby I promise to post asap. We will need many prayers when that day comes.
Last week our super cleaning friend Kath, attacked the bathroom (we only have 1 so imagine anyone volunteering for that job?) and she was able to do cleaning and watch the baby, while Miss Kat and I went off for some girl time. We went shopping, of course, she got a Dora hat, Dora crocs, and a puzzle. She LOVES Dora, but she was trying to tell me Dora is Chinese. I said "no, Dora is Spanish" and what does dear Kat say? "Panish,huh, nuuuh huhh mom!" Like I was goofy. She wants everyone to be Chinese:) Glad she enjoys being Chinese and knowing we LIKE her China looks.

I got a shirt I just had to have, you girls know how that is, but really, this one says "This MOM ROCKS". The "rocks" is in pink glitter dots too. Just had to have it. Next, Kat and I went to pick up the dog, he got his gross teeth cleaned and one pulled. For being less than 4 years old, his teeth are a mess. He refuses to chew on anything, you would think he is some royal dog, he looks at all the treats, bones, anything we buy him, sniffs it and walks away. Like he is saying "ahh, I don't THINK so" and he only gets dry doggy food. So I guess we are stuck with yucky teeth.

My car is back too, we got the boo- boo fixed and looking new, too bad we are looking to sell it now that my "dream car days" have been surpassed by the reality that it does not hold enough kiddos for us. We still need a van. We would have been getting another van had I not bought the car, and I miss the room of a van. I'm missing it enough to not feel bad about the car, overall the kids are wayyy more important than a vehicle. Guess I had a say that before when Derrik WREAKED my car. Not that I will ever forget that. Ha Ha!

Miss Kitty enjoyed going to see Horton Hears the Who with H and another foster girl that comes to stay with us on occassional weekends to have some teen girls to pal around with. C is part asian and Kat just LOVES her, she follows her everywhere. They had a good time at the movies and gave rave reviews for it.
We have daffodils up in the yard, crocuses are almost done, the pond plants are coming up, the tulips are coming in, yeah, we think we can say SPRING IS HERE!

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Andie said...

I'm glad Mr T is hanging in there. I cannot even imagine the stress and heartache of it all. Love on him while you can! His little toes are just TOO precious!
WHERE did you get that shirt? I want one!! :o) I rock...don't I? ;o)