Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Smiles from an Angel and Bloggy Makeover

Like our new look??? Hello Kitty! So appropriate :) Kat loves Hello Kitty and I found this wonderful person- Keisha, to make over our site. I am not bloggy smart, so I left it to her to redo us and am thrilled with the results. She is able to be reached by clicking on the sidebar at the bottom on the right. Blogging for Babies.

Easter Sunday started out a little after midnight with the nurse coming in for the baby and as I was having a goodnight chat with him, he looked right at me and SMILED. Oh, the preciousness of that. I can't begin to describe how it touched my heart, to see this child smile. Being told he will do "nothing" it pretty darn hard to not get tremendous joy out of his kicking feet, his recognizing us, and now smiles for us. WOW.
Kat had a ball for Easter, she found lots of eggs, she ate her weight in chocolate and blew huge bubbles with her bubble wand. We had a good dinner at Grandma's with all the kids. She dressed up in her "Princess dress" that's what she calls her pink gauzy dress that looks so sweet on her. It was chilly but the snow had melted so it was a good time for all even with snow boots on with the princess dress :)
Today everyone is in trouble for the messes in their rooms, they have been sent to clean as they do not like to work together and they all share rooms which makes for many "it's not MY MESS" and no cleaning. So as their mean momma, I am grounding them all till they get on the ball. Maybe all that chocolate will give them the energy to clean up.
I'm going to be short and sweet today, my 6th load of laundry awaits me. I love motherhood, I really, really do:)

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Andie said...

Vicki...I'm the mean mom! Andrew is the only one in our home who doesn't share a room. His is the messiest, and when you send him to clean it up, he just plays. So, yesterday while he was in school I took 2 boxes in there and boxed up anything that was not put away. I have two nice boxes of toys! He was told that each day he makes good choices and keeps his room nice, he can earn one toy back. That's a mean mom! He also has to earn playing the computer and xbox, it is not longer just a given. He has to behave extra good in order to earn it for that day...
What a blessing that little smile is!