Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Rough Week

Wow, A week till Easter and who knew? Not this Easter bunny! I have been so wrapped up with the baby, his health is declining and it's been a week of mess ups by the nursing agency so no night nurse help either. Sure made a week fly by in blur. The bunny got going today on digging out the baskets, realized it was too late for Easter pics or the box to send out to my brother in Japan. Sorry bro. I'll try to get it together soon. I am still going to take the kiddos for pictures, although the boys are NOT thrilled I picked pink shirts to match them up with Kat :)

The baby needs prayers, we thought he was in kidney failure Thursday night and would have to see him go. But he has rallied around and is back to his normal today. He was in some pain this week, he has fluid build up in his head and I am sure that is uncomfortable. I did tell him Friday, when he still did not look good that if he needed to go he could, that we loved him so much but did not want him to have to be in pain to stay with us. I said to the nurse that if he does pass on to God's arms then I honestly can say we did not waste one precious moment of him. We have given him our best.

I LOVE the time around 6 am- 7 am that we have after the night nurse leaves and he lays there awake, not needing anything and we "talk." He is looking right at me, he hears me and it's just such a special time for him and me to love one another. I try to memorize his face, how tiny his fingers are, how soft his skin is, how cute his "mohawk" hair it. I never took the time when my babies were little to really do such things, it's a blessing for me to slow down and do them with T. He's truly a miracle boy.
Miss Kat has had a pretty good week. She has been the BEST helper I could have ever asked for. She will get me anything I ask to help with the baby and through his many blood tests she has comforted him and told him- "it okay brudder- it all done". She is such a sweet girl.

She and Camden went to spent the night with another foster mom and friend of mine, I thought she would freak as she is such a home body, momma's girl. We went grocery shopping, granted, not the funnest thing to do, but she was there 10 minutes after asking all day when we were going, and she said "okay- I ready go home now."
I saw a crocus in my yard bloomed yesterday and nearly cried for joy. Flowers of spring. I am so glad I bothered to plant them, they are so small and brief but the sweetness of seeing them so early in the year uplifts my heart every time.

Kat's starting to be Miss Model when I asked to get her pictures, gosh she is funny. She acts like she is in a studio. She puts her hands on her hips and preens. I think we better watch her head for swelling :) But she is adorable and knows it.

Mom did find time for one thing for herself this week. A new Tattoo:) Do not call me with nasty comments mom. I did a cover up tattoo of the "Camden" on my foot. Camden wrote his name for the first time and I thought "oh how sweet, I should have him write it and get it tattooed just how he wrote it." WELL, he chose purple ink and wrote it HUGE but I went with it. Then when it was all done, the guy had made the D look like a P. So it basically looked like a kid scribbled "Campen" on my foot. And teased, I was. ("do you like "Camping??" )

So new artist ( of course) and Camden's permission to cover, creates a lovely Japanese dogwood flower design, the guy free handed it, it's got 10 flowers ( for each of my kiddos) and it branches up around Kat's Chinese name on my ankle and I love it. What I did not love was the 3 ( yes, I said 3) hours of pain involved to do it. I took Malaree and her boyfriend and squeezed the crap out of their arms while holding still through the torture. Wow did it HURT. Top of the foot was the worse. Pain meds for 2 days and I am healing now. And how's this for multi tasking, I tube fed the baby while getting tattoed :) Hey, it was feeding time and my life revolves around that boy's 3 hours schedule. Can't make him wait.

I am off to feed the baby, it's time, boy 3 hours comes up quick!


Andie said...

V-I'm so sorry you've had such a rough week. I can't even imagine loving that little guy, and knowing he won't be with you for long. It must be so hard. He is so blessed to be with you, knowing love. Thank you for doing this for him when no one else could.

I'm glad Kat is having a good time and loving him, too. Love the pictures of her. She is a cutie! Bethany does the posing thing, too. Whenever the camera is out she is posing her little heart out. She had dance pictures taken on Tuesday...she put her hands on her hips and stuck her little hip out funny! I can't wait to get them back!


Tamara said...

Being a foster parent takes a special person- we just let our license expire this year- hands are full with two toddlers- but you are a true gift to these children. It is wonderful what a bond that Kat and the baby have- and I can't imagine loving a baby and knowing what the end is going to be.
God Bless you!