Saturday, March 8, 2008

March is here

March is here and we are hoping to see some GREEN soon, we have about 1 inch of daffodils coming up in our yard. YEAH!! Come on spring.

Kat went to supper with her good friends Em and Ethan last night at our local Chinese restaurant to "eat China". I LOVE to hear the owner call to her "Tong Tong ahh" as soon as she hits the door. He adores her. At least he did till we hit his restaurant with the 10 of us in tow and cleared out the place fast. Not that the kids were BAD, they were just being kids. They had a great time seeing each other and the food was good, as always. We had a fun visit and can hardly wait of news of that little Mei Mei from China for their family.

Kat was such a good girl this week when we had to make a 2 hour trip to Hershey Medical Center to have a check up done on Mr. T. His feeding button in his belly is good, no issues with that. They were pleased with his healing and progress. He is 9 lbs 6 oz. We have had him for 5 weeks and he was 6 lbs 2 oz when he came.

Kat took her baby doll "Mei Mei" and carried her just like I did the baby. She has been playing with her more, playing "bath" when the baby gets bathed, etc. She took a little purse as her diaper bag and had all her baby supplies in there and her Nintendo DS and kept herself occupied for the whole trip and doctor appointment. She tells everyone the baby is her "brudder."

We made a call to China this week to "talk" with our grandparents. The conversation went like this - (me) "Po Po ahhh? Tong Tong ahh's mama" Po Po says- "Ni hai ma?" (how are you) I say "Tong Tong ahhhh" and put her on. Kat sings her China song and then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She then says "bye" so I get on and ask of Wai Gong ( grandpa). He gets on and Kat sings again for him. Po Po comes back and Camden wants to talk so I say " Tong Tong ahhh gu gu Camden" (big brother) and he thanks them for the outfit they sent him ( not that they understood that) then I got on and we said Bye bye. I'm sure they knew it was us and they were very happy to hear Kat.

We sent them a very tiny box with some candy and Kat writing her name for the first time. $10 for that. But no photo album, just a tiny framed picture of her. I do not have an album full yet for them, surprisingly enough! As if I do not take enough pictures:)
Could you resist NOT snapping this face?

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Andie said...

I bet Kat is a wonderful little mama...after all, she's learning from an awesome one! I would have loved to see her carrying around her litle baby and bag full of supplies...did she use her sling? :o)