Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Fun

I must admit, Easter is my favorite holiday. It's so important to me as a Christian, and yet the fun of the Easter bunny is also a big draw too. Christmas is a celebration of our Lord's supposed birthday, yet Easter is the reminder of what He did for each of us. Amazing to think of.

It looks as though we will be hunting Easter eggs with snow shovels. We got a good 2 inches of heavy, wet, pretty, snow outside. Camden thought that was the coolest idea.

We visited with the Easter bunny today at a local store, seems to me he looks a tad angry, mean?? Didn't faze Miss Kitty she FLEW into his arms and hugged away. I was surprised that she was the one to do so and Camden stood back and said "no thanks."

We took most of the crew out last night for picture taking time. They looked great in their pink. I went to do pictures of the baby for his mommy and I, the other kids were done and they complained that they wanted pictures with him. So I had them do one with the kiddos and 2 of him alone. Too sweet, even though he was in blue and not pink, I wouldn't do that to the poor little man :) Great pics though.

Little guy is doing well this week, he is stable in his feedings and even seems funny that he would be considered 3 weeks old now due to his premature birth and he is acting pretty normal for a baby with his issue. He is kicking his little feet, he is awake much more and looking for us when we talk to him. He is making little noises, like he is trying to tell us something. He clearly recognizes me and Baba. He LOVES to be snuggled up with anyone, he is a total cuddle bug. He has been with us for 6 weeks now, and he was 5 weeks when we got him, so nearly 3 months old now. What a miracle he is.

I am sure the picture place was happy to see our goofy family go away, the kids were pretty excited and LOUD. Kat was giggling like crazy, no trouble getting a smile from her. The funniest one was the "dog pile" and she was just laughing away. Malaree's boyfriend, whom we have taken to calling various names beside '"Jordan" ( Jimmy, Jonas, Justin, Jeff) just for fun, was great with the baby while we got the pictures done.

We were off to a party today for a friend's child. Was a blast. I actually got on roller skates to prove to my children that I could do it and not fall. Hard on the ankles, I'll tell ya! Kat had a fun time between C and a friend practically carrying her around the rink in her tiny clip on skates. Camden fell numerous times and is pretty sore now.

The kids colored and glittered Easter eggs. Kat loves to color them, but eat them? No way! She clearly recalls going to Grandma's last year and hunting the eggs, she had no trouble telling me about that. She a chocolate loving girl and she remembers there was chocolate to be found:)

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, we will celebrate the gift of our Lord and Saviour, our freedom of choice, our ability to love and serve Him. He died for us, what an overwhelming and amazing choice He made for us, His children.

Our blessings are many. Happy Easter to All!


Walker said...

Praying for you little one! I was just catching up! ;0) Wow! God has blessed you girlfriend!!
ps.. love the new blog! ;0)

Andie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter...I plan on doing my Easter post soon...just need to find time! Love the new look! Who did you have do your blog, I've been considering getting a new look for mine!