Sunday, March 30, 2008

Diva Kat

Miss Kat is a total Diva. She immediately started posing when the camera was not even on her today, she had just gotten dressed. I can only imagine what she is going to be like years from now :)

She was in her room fussing over the Mario game in the DS that she stole from Camden and is trying to win. She does not have much patience ( WHAT- my kid not have patience??) and she wants to beat it so badly. Maybe she thinks it will take pity on her and allow her to win if she whines enough. Oh the joys of a girl. She is sooo different than Camden, it just amazes me at times.

Kat, me, and Mr. T all have colds right now. Mr. T is doing okay, even though it can be dangerous for him to get any virus even a cold. He is a bit hoarse and stuffy, sneezing at times. Keeping a close eye on him. Mine headed right to my sinuses and gave me a huge headache, pressure and need for antibiotics. I'm feeling better today. Derrik, our oldest who wreaked my car ( he will never live that down) came over Friday and allowed me to rest, made a Tex-Mex meatloaf for supper and was a big help when I wasn't feeling well at all.
Kat is telling me she is hungry now and fussing since I am typing and she is expecting me to JUMP as she SAID she was HUNGRY- HELLO MOMMA, hungry girl. I'm hearing "comm'on, I ready, you coming?" Guess I better answer the call of the DIVA:)

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