Thursday, March 27, 2008

AllyZabba huh?

Calling all you folks to HELP. We have a Min girl who needs to come on home. Her family is leaving in less than 2 weeks, and found out that Guangxi Province is raising the required orphanage donation. This girl has a very serious medical issue and needs to be home. If you go to this family's website Then you will see a picture of this precious girl from Kat's orphanage. They are doing a bloggy makeover drawing ( makeover by Keisha, who did OUR makeover), they have a chip in and they have a fundraiser through AllyZabba for a percentage of the sales of the softest, and sweetest blankets EVER. What could be a better use for your money? Give up that coffee this week, maybe a takeout meal one night and chip in! Know that YOU made a difference to give a wonderful child her forever family.

Kat is pictured with her mommy's big AllyZabba blanket and her little AllyZabba she loves to cuddle with. We did a photo shoot with them today for some fun inside on a rainy day. Kat had a blast playing in the blankets, she is a total blankey girl. Even Mei Mei ( her doll) must be wrapped in a blanket or Kat will complain Mei Mei is cold.

Mommy rented a rug cleaner for the day and spent time cleaning the rugs in our living rooms and dining room. Thank goodness our baby LOVES the sound of the vacuum, scrubber, machines running. Typically male:)

He was very good while I worked. Miss Kitty was not happy I was making all the rugs wet. She climbed on the chairs and said "wet, wet, evryfing WET." Oh to be such a princess as she.

Yesterday Kat had an issue with a picture of me holding Camden when he was about 3 or 4. She asked "where me?" I said "you weren't here yet." So the tears started to come. I said " my precious girl, you were in China and momma was not able to come get you yet (she would have been just born if even born yet) and you were with Po Po." She can not understand yet that she had birth parents, this would be too much for her to process. So we stick with Po Po, whom she remembers with much love. Then I told her we were told to come get our girl and off we went in a big airplane and we were sooooo happy to get our girl and she is my baby girl and will always be my baby girl. She tells me about Camden bringing her M&M's ( of course, she recalls her big brother bringing her CHOCOLATE!!) and she giggles and tells me that she called Camden "Cam DEAN ahhhhh" as she could pronounce it that way. So all was well in Kat's world again.

Reassured we WANTED her sooo badly, we CRIED happy tears for her to be ours. I am glad I am able to work though a painful part of her life with her, there is nothing I would change of her life, it brought her to us, it's just a matter of helping her to understand it.

Please give another Min girl the chance to have her family come and take her home and tell her how much they love her and waited and wanted her. Please open your hearts to help bring her home, Kat's Min "sister."

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Ladyblog said...

Thanks Vickie!! You are so sweet! We can't wait to bring home our Min girl...