Sunday, March 30, 2008

Diva Kat

Miss Kat is a total Diva. She immediately started posing when the camera was not even on her today, she had just gotten dressed. I can only imagine what she is going to be like years from now :)

She was in her room fussing over the Mario game in the DS that she stole from Camden and is trying to win. She does not have much patience ( WHAT- my kid not have patience??) and she wants to beat it so badly. Maybe she thinks it will take pity on her and allow her to win if she whines enough. Oh the joys of a girl. She is sooo different than Camden, it just amazes me at times.

Kat, me, and Mr. T all have colds right now. Mr. T is doing okay, even though it can be dangerous for him to get any virus even a cold. He is a bit hoarse and stuffy, sneezing at times. Keeping a close eye on him. Mine headed right to my sinuses and gave me a huge headache, pressure and need for antibiotics. I'm feeling better today. Derrik, our oldest who wreaked my car ( he will never live that down) came over Friday and allowed me to rest, made a Tex-Mex meatloaf for supper and was a big help when I wasn't feeling well at all.
Kat is telling me she is hungry now and fussing since I am typing and she is expecting me to JUMP as she SAID she was HUNGRY- HELLO MOMMA, hungry girl. I'm hearing "comm'on, I ready, you coming?" Guess I better answer the call of the DIVA:)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

AllyZabba huh?

Calling all you folks to HELP. We have a Min girl who needs to come on home. Her family is leaving in less than 2 weeks, and found out that Guangxi Province is raising the required orphanage donation. This girl has a very serious medical issue and needs to be home. If you go to this family's website Then you will see a picture of this precious girl from Kat's orphanage. They are doing a bloggy makeover drawing ( makeover by Keisha, who did OUR makeover), they have a chip in and they have a fundraiser through AllyZabba for a percentage of the sales of the softest, and sweetest blankets EVER. What could be a better use for your money? Give up that coffee this week, maybe a takeout meal one night and chip in! Know that YOU made a difference to give a wonderful child her forever family.

Kat is pictured with her mommy's big AllyZabba blanket and her little AllyZabba she loves to cuddle with. We did a photo shoot with them today for some fun inside on a rainy day. Kat had a blast playing in the blankets, she is a total blankey girl. Even Mei Mei ( her doll) must be wrapped in a blanket or Kat will complain Mei Mei is cold.

Mommy rented a rug cleaner for the day and spent time cleaning the rugs in our living rooms and dining room. Thank goodness our baby LOVES the sound of the vacuum, scrubber, machines running. Typically male:)

He was very good while I worked. Miss Kitty was not happy I was making all the rugs wet. She climbed on the chairs and said "wet, wet, evryfing WET." Oh to be such a princess as she.

Yesterday Kat had an issue with a picture of me holding Camden when he was about 3 or 4. She asked "where me?" I said "you weren't here yet." So the tears started to come. I said " my precious girl, you were in China and momma was not able to come get you yet (she would have been just born if even born yet) and you were with Po Po." She can not understand yet that she had birth parents, this would be too much for her to process. So we stick with Po Po, whom she remembers with much love. Then I told her we were told to come get our girl and off we went in a big airplane and we were sooooo happy to get our girl and she is my baby girl and will always be my baby girl. She tells me about Camden bringing her M&M's ( of course, she recalls her big brother bringing her CHOCOLATE!!) and she giggles and tells me that she called Camden "Cam DEAN ahhhhh" as she could pronounce it that way. So all was well in Kat's world again.

Reassured we WANTED her sooo badly, we CRIED happy tears for her to be ours. I am glad I am able to work though a painful part of her life with her, there is nothing I would change of her life, it brought her to us, it's just a matter of helping her to understand it.

Please give another Min girl the chance to have her family come and take her home and tell her how much they love her and waited and wanted her. Please open your hearts to help bring her home, Kat's Min "sister."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Smiles from an Angel and Bloggy Makeover

Like our new look??? Hello Kitty! So appropriate :) Kat loves Hello Kitty and I found this wonderful person- Keisha, to make over our site. I am not bloggy smart, so I left it to her to redo us and am thrilled with the results. She is able to be reached by clicking on the sidebar at the bottom on the right. Blogging for Babies.

Easter Sunday started out a little after midnight with the nurse coming in for the baby and as I was having a goodnight chat with him, he looked right at me and SMILED. Oh, the preciousness of that. I can't begin to describe how it touched my heart, to see this child smile. Being told he will do "nothing" it pretty darn hard to not get tremendous joy out of his kicking feet, his recognizing us, and now smiles for us. WOW.
Kat had a ball for Easter, she found lots of eggs, she ate her weight in chocolate and blew huge bubbles with her bubble wand. We had a good dinner at Grandma's with all the kids. She dressed up in her "Princess dress" that's what she calls her pink gauzy dress that looks so sweet on her. It was chilly but the snow had melted so it was a good time for all even with snow boots on with the princess dress :)
Today everyone is in trouble for the messes in their rooms, they have been sent to clean as they do not like to work together and they all share rooms which makes for many "it's not MY MESS" and no cleaning. So as their mean momma, I am grounding them all till they get on the ball. Maybe all that chocolate will give them the energy to clean up.
I'm going to be short and sweet today, my 6th load of laundry awaits me. I love motherhood, I really, really do:)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Fun

I must admit, Easter is my favorite holiday. It's so important to me as a Christian, and yet the fun of the Easter bunny is also a big draw too. Christmas is a celebration of our Lord's supposed birthday, yet Easter is the reminder of what He did for each of us. Amazing to think of.

It looks as though we will be hunting Easter eggs with snow shovels. We got a good 2 inches of heavy, wet, pretty, snow outside. Camden thought that was the coolest idea.

We visited with the Easter bunny today at a local store, seems to me he looks a tad angry, mean?? Didn't faze Miss Kitty she FLEW into his arms and hugged away. I was surprised that she was the one to do so and Camden stood back and said "no thanks."

We took most of the crew out last night for picture taking time. They looked great in their pink. I went to do pictures of the baby for his mommy and I, the other kids were done and they complained that they wanted pictures with him. So I had them do one with the kiddos and 2 of him alone. Too sweet, even though he was in blue and not pink, I wouldn't do that to the poor little man :) Great pics though.

Little guy is doing well this week, he is stable in his feedings and even seems funny that he would be considered 3 weeks old now due to his premature birth and he is acting pretty normal for a baby with his issue. He is kicking his little feet, he is awake much more and looking for us when we talk to him. He is making little noises, like he is trying to tell us something. He clearly recognizes me and Baba. He LOVES to be snuggled up with anyone, he is a total cuddle bug. He has been with us for 6 weeks now, and he was 5 weeks when we got him, so nearly 3 months old now. What a miracle he is.

I am sure the picture place was happy to see our goofy family go away, the kids were pretty excited and LOUD. Kat was giggling like crazy, no trouble getting a smile from her. The funniest one was the "dog pile" and she was just laughing away. Malaree's boyfriend, whom we have taken to calling various names beside '"Jordan" ( Jimmy, Jonas, Justin, Jeff) just for fun, was great with the baby while we got the pictures done.

We were off to a party today for a friend's child. Was a blast. I actually got on roller skates to prove to my children that I could do it and not fall. Hard on the ankles, I'll tell ya! Kat had a fun time between C and a friend practically carrying her around the rink in her tiny clip on skates. Camden fell numerous times and is pretty sore now.

The kids colored and glittered Easter eggs. Kat loves to color them, but eat them? No way! She clearly recalls going to Grandma's last year and hunting the eggs, she had no trouble telling me about that. She a chocolate loving girl and she remembers there was chocolate to be found:)

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, we will celebrate the gift of our Lord and Saviour, our freedom of choice, our ability to love and serve Him. He died for us, what an overwhelming and amazing choice He made for us, His children.

Our blessings are many. Happy Easter to All!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Rough Week

Wow, A week till Easter and who knew? Not this Easter bunny! I have been so wrapped up with the baby, his health is declining and it's been a week of mess ups by the nursing agency so no night nurse help either. Sure made a week fly by in blur. The bunny got going today on digging out the baskets, realized it was too late for Easter pics or the box to send out to my brother in Japan. Sorry bro. I'll try to get it together soon. I am still going to take the kiddos for pictures, although the boys are NOT thrilled I picked pink shirts to match them up with Kat :)

The baby needs prayers, we thought he was in kidney failure Thursday night and would have to see him go. But he has rallied around and is back to his normal today. He was in some pain this week, he has fluid build up in his head and I am sure that is uncomfortable. I did tell him Friday, when he still did not look good that if he needed to go he could, that we loved him so much but did not want him to have to be in pain to stay with us. I said to the nurse that if he does pass on to God's arms then I honestly can say we did not waste one precious moment of him. We have given him our best.

I LOVE the time around 6 am- 7 am that we have after the night nurse leaves and he lays there awake, not needing anything and we "talk." He is looking right at me, he hears me and it's just such a special time for him and me to love one another. I try to memorize his face, how tiny his fingers are, how soft his skin is, how cute his "mohawk" hair it. I never took the time when my babies were little to really do such things, it's a blessing for me to slow down and do them with T. He's truly a miracle boy.
Miss Kat has had a pretty good week. She has been the BEST helper I could have ever asked for. She will get me anything I ask to help with the baby and through his many blood tests she has comforted him and told him- "it okay brudder- it all done". She is such a sweet girl.

She and Camden went to spent the night with another foster mom and friend of mine, I thought she would freak as she is such a home body, momma's girl. We went grocery shopping, granted, not the funnest thing to do, but she was there 10 minutes after asking all day when we were going, and she said "okay- I ready go home now."
I saw a crocus in my yard bloomed yesterday and nearly cried for joy. Flowers of spring. I am so glad I bothered to plant them, they are so small and brief but the sweetness of seeing them so early in the year uplifts my heart every time.

Kat's starting to be Miss Model when I asked to get her pictures, gosh she is funny. She acts like she is in a studio. She puts her hands on her hips and preens. I think we better watch her head for swelling :) But she is adorable and knows it.

Mom did find time for one thing for herself this week. A new Tattoo:) Do not call me with nasty comments mom. I did a cover up tattoo of the "Camden" on my foot. Camden wrote his name for the first time and I thought "oh how sweet, I should have him write it and get it tattooed just how he wrote it." WELL, he chose purple ink and wrote it HUGE but I went with it. Then when it was all done, the guy had made the D look like a P. So it basically looked like a kid scribbled "Campen" on my foot. And teased, I was. ("do you like "Camping??" )

So new artist ( of course) and Camden's permission to cover, creates a lovely Japanese dogwood flower design, the guy free handed it, it's got 10 flowers ( for each of my kiddos) and it branches up around Kat's Chinese name on my ankle and I love it. What I did not love was the 3 ( yes, I said 3) hours of pain involved to do it. I took Malaree and her boyfriend and squeezed the crap out of their arms while holding still through the torture. Wow did it HURT. Top of the foot was the worse. Pain meds for 2 days and I am healing now. And how's this for multi tasking, I tube fed the baby while getting tattoed :) Hey, it was feeding time and my life revolves around that boy's 3 hours schedule. Can't make him wait.

I am off to feed the baby, it's time, boy 3 hours comes up quick!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March is here

March is here and we are hoping to see some GREEN soon, we have about 1 inch of daffodils coming up in our yard. YEAH!! Come on spring.

Kat went to supper with her good friends Em and Ethan last night at our local Chinese restaurant to "eat China". I LOVE to hear the owner call to her "Tong Tong ahh" as soon as she hits the door. He adores her. At least he did till we hit his restaurant with the 10 of us in tow and cleared out the place fast. Not that the kids were BAD, they were just being kids. They had a great time seeing each other and the food was good, as always. We had a fun visit and can hardly wait of news of that little Mei Mei from China for their family.

Kat was such a good girl this week when we had to make a 2 hour trip to Hershey Medical Center to have a check up done on Mr. T. His feeding button in his belly is good, no issues with that. They were pleased with his healing and progress. He is 9 lbs 6 oz. We have had him for 5 weeks and he was 6 lbs 2 oz when he came.

Kat took her baby doll "Mei Mei" and carried her just like I did the baby. She has been playing with her more, playing "bath" when the baby gets bathed, etc. She took a little purse as her diaper bag and had all her baby supplies in there and her Nintendo DS and kept herself occupied for the whole trip and doctor appointment. She tells everyone the baby is her "brudder."

We made a call to China this week to "talk" with our grandparents. The conversation went like this - (me) "Po Po ahhh? Tong Tong ahh's mama" Po Po says- "Ni hai ma?" (how are you) I say "Tong Tong ahhhh" and put her on. Kat sings her China song and then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She then says "bye" so I get on and ask of Wai Gong ( grandpa). He gets on and Kat sings again for him. Po Po comes back and Camden wants to talk so I say " Tong Tong ahhh gu gu Camden" (big brother) and he thanks them for the outfit they sent him ( not that they understood that) then I got on and we said Bye bye. I'm sure they knew it was us and they were very happy to hear Kat.

We sent them a very tiny box with some candy and Kat writing her name for the first time. $10 for that. But no photo album, just a tiny framed picture of her. I do not have an album full yet for them, surprisingly enough! As if I do not take enough pictures:)
Could you resist NOT snapping this face?