Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat!

Kat's shirt says " Gimme some sugar" and does she ever!! It's Hello Kitty, of course:) She is so pretty, inside and out.

We celebrated this day of our daughter's heritage by eating Chinese food and talking of her time with her Po Po (grandma), whom she misses and wants to visit. We have our Chinese candle decorations out and we are happy to say our family in China are well, if not COLD. China is experiencing the coldest weather in history and many orphanages and homes are NOT heated, our family's included and they are not used to this cold.

We would have liked to have gone out but the house is full of illness. We have 2 down with the flu, 2 with colds, including mom which also means asthma issues.
The baby boy is doing well other than an infection of his port to take nourishment by in his stomach. That is fairly common with such things. He is doing tons better with his sleep, other than mum keeping him up with her coughing which annoys him greatly.
Mr. T's mommy had him baptized on Tuesday, a nice ceremony but when she took off upstairs with him in the car seat Miss Kitty started to silently cry. I did not get out of her what the issue was for a few moments but she thought his mommy was taking him away. When I reassured her he was indeed coming home with us, she was happy again. Wow, and I thought she wasn't so fond of him. She really hadn't said much until Tuesday morning when she said " I wuv T, do you luv T?"

I managed to work one night this week and the Home Nurses came to care for Mr. T. I love thinking of him as Mr. T, the ROUGH, BURLY, HUGE guy off of "the A Team" show from years ago. This is far from the reality of this baby but it makes such a picture of him as a fighter! Anyway, Miss Kat enjoyed having the nurses here and was showing them all how to play her DS and loving on them all. They really enjoyed her and the baby.

We almost LOST the Nintendo DS as Kat laid it down at the doctor's during an appointment for the baby and till I realized it was gone we were out of the office and heading home. I called and they had it at the desk. I was sooo thankful someone didn't take it. Kat was near tears when she realized she had lost it.

Our wonderful friend who sent us the sling for the baby was sooo sweet to send Kat one too for her baby. She "wears" her baby and when I parked Mr. T with Baba to prepare his food, her baby ended up being watched by Baba too! Too cute not to post a picture of that! I was going to post a picture of me wearing the baby till I saw the raccoon eyes I had, the slobber on my shirt and said- nope, not going public with that!
Survivor started tonight- WOOO HOOO! I am a DIE HARD Survivor fan and I think Mr. Johnny Fairplay has done some growing up. Too cool to admit you just want to be home supporting the coming birth of your child.
Off to put the kiddos to bed and say our prayers of thanks. We have so much to be thankful for. Happy Chinese New Year to All!

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Andie said...

Thanks for the picutre...I'm so glad you both like your slings! Come on...racoon eyes are so 'in' this year! :o)